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bysleepyralph, September 20, 2014
Membership Pro
I could not recommend this extension highly enough. It is easy to use, very flexible and works smoothly. I use it to sell PDFs on my website. On payment, the user is placed into a particular joomla usergroup which then allows them access to whatever area of the site I want them to have. I use in conjunction with phocadownload and they work seamlessly. I recently had an issue where the plugin stopped working correctly due to a change at Paypal's end, and Tuan worked with me on Skype (on a Saturday afternoon) to get the issue fixed. You are in good hands with these guys. 5 stars.
bysleepyralph, July 14, 2014
I'm using this on my joomla 3 site. It is easy to configure and displays nicely. You have complete control over which category you want to display, exclude articles, order them how you want. Works a treat.
bysleepyralph, July 2, 2014
Migrate Me Plus
I used this extension to migrate my 2.5 site to Joomla 3. I also wanted to install and configure a new template, and had quite a lot of extensions to move/replace. Barnaby answered all my pre-sales questions promptly and thoroughly. I was pretty confident that everything would go smoothly after reading several reviews, but in my case there were several glitches due to incompatible extensions and a problem with the configuration file. The support response was excellent. My expertise goes up to editing a file in php, if I'm told what to do, so I was able to follow the excellent, clear instructions and fix the migration to the testing folder. Barnaby also offered to fix it himself if I didn't feel confident editing those files - he really goes out of his way to help. After perfecting my new site in a test folder, I then experienced another glitch going live. Barnaby again responded first thing in the morning, fixed the problem and was generally most helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I was quoted £200 elsewhere for this migration, so the £50 fee is well worth the money. The support is truly excellent and the migration process itself is uncomplicated. Highly recommended.
bysleepyralph, October 19, 2013
Core Design Access Text
Just what I needed and free! I wanted to hide certain elements of the page from users in certain groups e.g. hiding a subscribe button from non-registered users. Simply insert the shortcode into the article and Bob's your uncle. Thanks.
bysleepyralph, October 19, 2013
Search / Replace utility
I needed to change the link url structure in several pages, so I pasted in the old and new html of just one link to test whether it would work. On hitting "save" the few words I had typed multiplied to fill the text field, stripping out some of the html e.g. href. Worse than that, every single link in my site then redirected to that page, including all my backend admin pages!! Horror of horrors. Palpitations. I couldn't even get into the extension manager to disable it, as even that redirected me to same (front end) page! I went in through FTP and deleted the plugin and thank goodness normality was restored. I am still shaking a little.
Owner's reply

Thank you for having reported the issue.
This is an issue that occurs in Joomla 2.5 or higher.

By default, joomla 2.5 or higher remove the html tags present in a text area.

We changed the configuration in the version 1.10 to avoid that in the future and allow "raw" text area that consist in the ignore of the default joomla 2.5+ html tag filtering.

So now, you are allowed to enter html tags in the text area instead of using the file #1 or file #2 to enter the Search/Replace definition.

For your info, you have the possiblity to report the issue in our forum.

bysleepyralph, August 26, 2013
CoalaWeb Social Links
Installed in seconds, easily configured and looks veeeery sleek. Brilliant job. As the author mentions, the backlink is easily removed in the config. Makes 2 boxes, one for follow and one for contact, also allows for custom links. Nice.
Owner's reply

Wow thanks for taking the time to give CoalaWeb Social Links such a great review I really appreciated the feedback. I'm glad you found it quick and easy to setup and thanks for the back-link comment.

bysleepyralph, August 23, 2013
Very easy to set up and looks very professional. I use the tooltips to de-clutter some of my pages, only showing information when the user wants it. Highly customisable - choose where the tip appears, whether it is sticky or not, add any html including whole articles. This is a really, really good mod - can't believe there aren't hundreds of reviews! Super, thanks.
bysleepyralph, August 23, 2013
EU e-Privacy Directive
Perfect! Installed and up and running in seconds. Looks professional, does the job a treat. Thank you so much!
bysleepyralph, June 2, 2013
I installed this for my bilingual site after failing with Joomfish. This is much simpler and the installation instructions are provided with a step by step image slideshow with very few words - a bonus in my opinion, as often instructions are too wordy and complicated. However, I didn't realize that I should also click on the images for more info, which led to me missing out a step.
The mod didn't work for me on installation, so I sought help in the forum and received a very quick response. The dev team logged into my site and fixed the problem very quickly and effectively, and now I have a great translation system. Works on all aspects of the site - articles, menus, SEO, and so on. Fantastic mod, thanks guys.
bysleepyralph, April 7, 2012
BookLibrary Basic
This extension works fine for me, but it is a little frustrating as a few things really slow me down when adding books.

On the whole I like the ext. Although there was no manual to be found, it was intuitive and I could begin adding books in a matter of minutes. The library is formatted ok and the front-end functionality works fine too.

My only quibbles are at the backend, trying to input books. I'm fetching data from, and it's not displayed correctly, e.g. sometimes the publisher is wrong, or date of publishing is wrong, or price is wrong. I gather though that these mistakes come from Amazon's end so no fault of the extension, but something to bear in mind when you have to manually alter every book you enter.

Secondly, when the price is fetched, I seem to sometimes get a marketplace price. Often this is a just a few pence, and the price is displayed front end as .15 GBP (for example) - which looks like 15 pounds, not 15p. I have to change all these manually too. It would be better if the extension formatted prices as prices not numbers, i.e with leading zero and two decimal places. A price of 20p is displayed as .2 GBP.

Another annoying point is that books are automatically unpublished when saved - you can't select "publish" when entering the book info. Just another step but when you've got a lot of books it's time consuming.

My work flow is going like this: Add new book- copy/paste ISBN and give my own ID (should be auto if not filled in, imo), select category (should be auto-selected if previously filtered imo), select fetch from - SAVE (closes form- need an APPLY button). Re-open form to view fetched data, change to "on my own" for fetching data, correct mistakes (see above), SAVE (again), Click on publish. As far as I can see it would save a lot of time if I could hit APPLY to fetch the data without closing the form, and if I could also select "publish" from the form, or even better configure the ext so that it defaults to "publish".

Having said all that, it is free after all and just what I'm after in terms of frontend.
Owner's reply


First of all on - exist forum - where to you may write about any errors and ask questions.

Bad why you show to us error from We can't give warranty about correct data what you take from amazon. - work as help for fill book details data.(Thanks for them - they do big work) If it bad for you you may not use it. If you see some error in book details - you always can self correct all.

About Book Price - Now you self may set any format as you wish. And as me seem that very important when human has possibility set any thing self.

We try create Book Library free version very useful with much features but any time you may buy Book Library pro version it has more features. And with that you wil lhelp to us add new features to next Book library version.

But yes Apply - may be will good features.

OrdaSoft team

bysleepyralph, August 31, 2010
I needed an editor that could let me browse to internal links (Tinyeditor doesn't) and would highlight html tags in different colours, while also being a wysiwig editor. JCE works great. I nearly got rid of it though, because it was stripping out my in-page google adsense ads and amazon ads and I found it difficult to ascertain why. The forum support brought up no answers, except perhaps some posts that I would have to pay as a subscriber in order to read. Luckily in the end on this joomla forum I discovered how to allow javascript - JCE is now working perfectly for my needs.
bysleepyralph, August 5, 2010
Go Mylo Countdown
Very simple and efficient. I wanted a simple countdown to to certain date - easily customisable without too much faff and this does the job a treat. Thanks.
bysleepyralph, August 5, 2010
Great little plugin. Simple to configure - choose position, choose to include front page or whatever. Works a treat. Thanks very much.