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byslimbeck, June 17, 2010
I needed a way to load a different template for users of IE6 (which is still unfortunately 20% of my site's visitors).

For the site I'm building, I decided to use a Yootheme template called Studio. Studio doesn't support IE6. So I wanted to load a different Yootheme template, Explorer for IE6 users.

I just purchased MetaTemplate Pro today, I watched the first tutorial video on the MetaTemplate web site, and I was able to create the rule in a matter of minutes.

It works great. I think I do need to change the names of some module positions, however, because some content is not displaying on the Explorer template. That is to be expected, and isn't a problem with MetaTemplate.

Bottom line, it worked great for me and saved me tons of time. Cheers to stephen for a great component :)
Owner's reply

Thanks slimbeck. The IE6 issue is a killer at times, and was one of the reasons for MTP. It's sometimes so much easier to find an alternative template that "just works" for IE6, then to set a different template for each browser, than it is to try and wrangle one template into working on everything... sad but true.