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Mini FrontPage
This is a really good module. Lots of options like other members have said.

I have one main issue with this module. If you have different layouts on different pages, then whatever page you are on the layout will be the same as that page. Meaning you could have a homepage with a sidebar on right and a sidebar on left. On another page have just sidebar on right. If you come from homepage you will have sidebar on both sides. If you come from the other page you will only have the one sidebar.

The only way I know to get around this is remake the same module and add the appropriate layout you want that is connsitant with what page you are coming from. So you may associate one version of this module with homepage and another with the rest of your pages. If the layout is the same on the rest of them.

Otherwise it is a great module though. You just may have to do a little redundent modules because of this downfall.