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byslord, April 23, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
That's a nice module, I'm still getting to grasp with using it...

Some hints and tips for others... The googleapi key doesn't seem to have been activated at thier end until 5-6 hours later. I found mention somewhere of this and just retried it and everything works as per instructions...

Those complaining or not on accuracy, you can't use any map for the lat/lon because lat/lon is not unique.. but depends on the spheroid, and datum ... save youself some pain and google geodesic system.
I guess google uses WGS 84 since its integrating satellite data.

have fun
byslord, April 1, 2007
The main thing wrong with rsgallery2 is that every every single release is bug ridden, most of them trivial and fixable but everytime you ask a question on the forum you get told to upgrade to the latest SVN...

The same bugs then seem to reoccur in later releases or you get another irritating bug. I spent a month or so with no batch upload, then uploaded to the latest version and something equally critical just didn't work... its a huge shame because its so close.... it just never works and new features are added in front of stability.. my experience was I had to patch it and upgrade more than any Joomla component just to get help on the forum and then soon as you do its a new problem.. after loosing your data for the n'th time its just tiring.