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bysmarinaccio, December 14, 2011
Akeeba Backup
I am not the most brilliant Joomla user, but I get by. Recently, I made the decision to move a few of my domains to a new host. All of them were fairly easy - but one was a massive site all built in Joomla. I was extremely nervous. I read a lot about Akeeba (and the KickStarter) and decided to give it a go. Wow! All my worry for DAYS was for not. Once I created the MySQL Db in the new host and did all the linking (super-straight-forward using KickStarter) - I restored my entire site from the back-up made with Akeeba BackUp... all in about 20 minutes. Done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am very glad there are great extensions out there to help us little guys do things we'd normally have *no clue* how to do.

I heartedly recommend this extension to anyone not only looking to move their site, but to keep back-ups for restoration if needed.
bysmarinaccio, December 1, 2009
It took about two days to weed through all the other free Comment-type extensions to find this one - and when I did, my whole world lit up. This was very easy to install and set up. I really like the way it manages what articles do or don't get comments. The user interface on the front-end is clean and uncluttered, which was a key issue for me. The back-end did not make me feel like an idiot with very helpful separation of topics. Highly recommended. Great work!