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bysmartgreenhelp, July 28, 2011
Vip Amazon Associates
This is a perfect solution for Amazon banner ads but unfortunately I needed to use the 234x60 size which doesn't work, they included it as an option but when you choose it you get a 120x600 no matter what. Looked at the PHP file and didn't really want to spend the time messing with it. Also, it doesn't center the ad for those of us who have larger columns than the 160x600 skyscraper (mine are 250). If those issues were addressed it would be worthy of the 5 star rating. Thanks...
bysmartgreenhelp, August 29, 2010
I have to say, there really wasn't much out there for Joomla chat solutions that was impressive or suitable for what we wanted to do on our website. I had narrowed it down to chatroll, which i installed first, and blastchat. Having installed chatroll, i then proceeded to install blastchat and was instantly impressed by the fit and finish. It was a perfect fit for out site. Bye bye chatroll. Peter gave incredible support, spending almost 2 hours going thru some different things and making sure it all functioned like I wanted. It felt like personalized support, which is rare but for a currently free product? That's simply amazing. Kudos to Peter, a web admin himself, for understanding what we want in a chat module and delivering. The price point and flexibility will be awesome once the beta period is over too. Hosted chat solutions, while they can get costly, are a better alternative than having to pay for a dedicated server webhosting account. At least for our applications. If you're looking for a Joomla chat solution, you DEFINITELY need to take a look at Blastchat. Tell Peter that John in Fort Myers, FL sent you!
bysmartgreenhelp, July 27, 2010
Community Builder
Community Builder has got to be the best free extension out there. The functionality it adds to Joomla is invaluable. I would like a little more polish to some things as well as more integrated features (gallery, PM, image handlers,etc.) but overall I have to say it's a GREAT extension. Keep up the great work!