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bysmcclure, November 23, 2013
Great extension that does exactly what it says. It embeds any PDF article directly into your Joomla article and allows you to control the dimensions of what is displayed. Love it!
bysmcclure, September 26, 2013
This extension will NOT make your website mobile. It will take the raw text and images and force them into an ugly pinstripe design that looks nothing like your site. This is not a mobile website...a mobile website means YOUR website (with the look and branding) becomes mobile.

It is way overpriced for not doing what it says. There is virtually no documentation other than extremely basic settings and an installation guide. Absolutely nothing on how to make the site even resemble our desktop version. No serious business would ever allow a mobile site to have none of its branding and color cheme.

There is a button for support for it's a barely used forum. A forum is NOT SUPPORT!

You are much better off purchasing a responsive template than working with...whatever this thing is.
Owner's reply

Hi there, we are sorry to hear that our product did not fit your expectations.

Unlike responsive templates (client side approach), we follow a server side approach, which is a known method for higher performance. We also allow our users to customise their templates in a much more powerful way compared to responsive templates, using custom modules, settings, CSS etc.

We have over 50 articles in our documentations, by which we hope to cover everything we can. For more advanced users, we offer Mobile Joomla! Insiders' Guide ebook. For those, who can not find answers they are looking for, we have our forum, which today has more than 15000 posts. We try to answer as much questions as we can on public forum.

If you are looking into a responsive website, you indeed could go for a responsive template. Please note that in such case you could still use Mobile Joomla! with the responsive template to optimize the template's mobile performance by up to four times.

Hope helps.

bysmcclure, September 23, 2013
Very very good!!! Does exactly what they say and work perfectly. Easy to install!! I seriously love this extension. I can't say I agree with demanding a payment to remove the "powered by" backlink..seems to go against open source spirit. Other than that great work guys!!!
bysmcclure, September 3, 2013
Very satisfied!! Images are all resized automatically; great options for sliding animation; ability to make each image linkable to its own article (believe it or not this is very hard to find); and easy to install. Thank you!!! This is how modules & components should be made :)
bysmcclure, August 26, 2013
This may have been a good extension back in the day but it is garbage now. The installation is fine but I couldn't for the life of me get a simple MPG video to play. Their documentation tells you the embedding syntax and the root folder settings. Nothing. Just use Joomla's embedded media function...this extension should be removed.
Owner's reply

"Back in the day" people may have used MPG for video playback on sites. MPG would -of course- have to be downloaded first on your PC to start playback... Compression-wise, a 4 min video can be more than 60MBs, so good luck embedding such big files...

Today however, if you're serious about bringing videos to your websites, there is 1 option only: MP4 (H.264).

We may support MPG in AllVideos through Quicktime or native OS playback, but that doesn't mean you should use MPG as your primary media playback format...

bysmcclure, December 10, 2012
Jtag Calendar
Installed calendar in a regular Joomla template...the calendar was very "buggy" and would not load after adding more than 4 events. Tried contacting support and all they did was change my template (umm yeah) and then said "there it works." Tried contacting support after they changed my template on me and they have never responded since. I am an avid user of Joomla and its extensions...I would not at all recommend this product. Don't be fooled by its looks...its is extremely buggy and lacks any kind of support. If you're lucky, it might work in IE but realistically, who uses IE?
Owner's reply

Dear smcclure,

We are very sorry that you feel this way about our our Jtag calendar plugin !

We do all our development on a Linux environment, and use Firefox as our primary browser. We test all our extensions on multiple browsers, including Chrome and IE. Jtag Calendar component works fine in Firefox, Chrome and IE. This has been tested and validated by many live users of the calendar on a variety of browsers and Joomla templates.

Having said that, some custom templates cause Javascript conflicts that can get tricky to resolve! In your particular case, it looks like we have been unable to resolve some of your custom template conflicts on Chrome.

We usually try our best to get the component working with your custom templates but if our support is unable to get the component fully working with your custom template, we are more than happy to offer a full refund of your purchase. (as per our refund policy)

We apologize once again for not being able to get the calendar plugin working to your satisfaction on your custom template on Chrome. We have initiated a full refund of your payment.

Wishing you all the best in designing your Joomla website.

JTAG Support