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bysmg, December 21, 2012
Smart Portfolio
This is a great module that does so many things very easily. Easy to configure and understand. Works flawlessly and the number of transition effects are great. Thanks for the work and pricing it right.
bysmg, September 27, 2011
Easy to customize. Lots of settings. Maybe not for every situation, but it was PERFECT for mine.
bysmg, April 5, 2011
It a great menu system. It can be styled in almost unlimited ways - without having to know CSS. For what it can do, it is very easy to use - and it's free.
bysmg, March 30, 2011
Page Flip FX
I do not like this at all. While really not to difficult to install, getting it set the way you want is possible (maybe)with LOTS of messing around. I even opted for the paid version hoping it would have a few more bells and whistles - BUT NO, it only removes the top logo. There is no real explanation of that. And there are NO instructions that specifically address the paid version vs free. I even sent a note to support. All they had to say was follow the free intructions and SUBSTITUTE the paid file. Instead, I get sent right back where I was originally - confused.

The setup is ridiculous. It must be done in their web site, then downloaded, unpacked and one file re-uploaded. Every time you want to make a change, you have to go through this mess. With the paid version, I tended to believe the setup could now be done in the module - but no. What a waste of money.

Unfortunately, this is the only flip book I could find for Joomla 1.6. I'll just have to design the site another way.
Owner's reply

We're sorry you have such an unfavorable opinion about our product. You must understand that we didn't create our products just for Joomla websites, but for almost any type of websites and it would be almost impossible to cover all configuration aspects directly from your website's back-end. We try to make it as easy as possible for everyone but it looks like we didn't satisfied you and we're sorry again for this. We didn't understand way you said that it's almost impossible to configure it the way you want since you know for sure that you can re-configure this product on our website and then, with a single click, you can download it and use it as you want. We will gladly offer our support as long as you'll ask for it.

bysmg, February 12, 2010
Simple Image Holder
It's close to perfect. As easy to use as it gets. All my sites use it at least once. Most have multiple copies.
bysmg, February 1, 2010
PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla
As said before, this should be STANDARD in Joomla installations. Instead of having to open an editor, save, upload and make sure it is OK, just upload and edit. While the editing abilities are not extensive, they are enough for most situations and very easy to use.

The installation instructions are a little confusing. All you really need to do is download the extension and unzip it locally. The just install the Joomla plugin as usual and enable it.

Great job!! All extensions should be this easy, intuitive and well thought out.
bysmg, January 28, 2010
Currency Exchange Informer
This is a nice looking module, easy to use and setup, but I could only get one to work per page. I tried loading multiple modules with different currencies on the same page, but only the first one worked.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment. As soon as I'll have some free time I'll try to check if is possible to have the fature you request and, if possible, I'll add it to the module. Please, if you can, post your detailed request also in the FalsinSoft support forum so I'll can understand better your need.

bysmg, January 28, 2010
Live Exchange Rates Table (ajax)
I simply installed it, enabled it to a module position WITHOUT CHANGING ANY OTHER SETTINGS. It comes up with an overlay stating the module credit has to remain intact for proper functioning.

Don't bother with it.
bysmg, January 27, 2010
mavik Thumbnails
Easy to use and works perfectly ... enough said
bysmg, October 2, 2009
It works perfectly. It took me a little while because I didn't see I needed to edit .htaccess.
What a life saver!
bysmg, August 4, 2009
Would be an OK component except you cannot put your latitude and longitudes in . The fields are locked with the default information.
Owner's reply

Thanks for you comment. This is way how to point your own location

How to point your own location
1.put site rel event google API key
2.find you own location
3.Double click on the map
4.then it pop up form
5.this lan and lat automatically set
6. for more details watch the video at the above site

if not clear ple contact us