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bysmokesigs, February 16, 2010
This is the best instant messaging extension we've found so far....once it's running properly.

However, be aware that apparently the support person/people are touchy - even though we can't understand why.

We had a problem getting the extension to run. We submitted a tech support request - it took four days but the problem was resolved and we're happy with the product.

The strange part is that as soon as we reported that the fix worked ------- they banned our IP AND our user name from their site. Apparently, we won't even be able to pay them to renew our support contract.

We can't understand it. We did send daily one-sentence requests for a status update. But that was only because we saw them on our site for two hours on the day we requested support - but they didn't reply to us for four days after that.

So - nice product - decent tech support - but a very weird experience overall.