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bysmtotman, October 14, 2014
Smart Slider 2
I cannot speak highly enough of the support regarding this extension. Great extension that does everything it says it will and Gabor's support is AMAZING.
bysmtotman, December 5, 2012
Article Factory Manager
Love this component, works beautifully, integrates with Community Builder wonderfully. Small problem with user's display of articles in profile was fixed immediately by support. Thanks for an excellent extension!
bysmtotman, February 3, 2012
X5 Ajaxchat
Had quite a few issues with it. Worst issue was that when users attempted login to chat, they were directed to 404 page. In all browsers. Purchased it because their site said that Joomla 1.5 version was fully functional. When I emailed them to ask for help, I was told to upgrade Joomla to 1.7 to get extension to work. If 1.5 version doesn't work properly and they won't support it, I shouldn't have to pay for it and they should not be offering it. Because my site uses an extensive amount of paid extensions, some of which are still not compatible with 1.7, I have not been able to upgrade the site yet, which is why I bought the chat which was STATED TO WORK with 1.5. Support took several days to respond with unsatisfactory answer. No refund offered though it was requested since I cannot use it.
bysmtotman, July 2, 2010
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
So if you own it, don't upgrade your WP. Before I purchase this I contacted their support because WP 3.0 was released and I was concerned about which version to buy since WP 3.0 essentially eliminates WPMU, so not sure if should be the WPMU version or the regular WP version. I am writing this because people who own 2.9.2 should NOT upgrade their WPMU to WP 3.0 yet according to their support. I was going to purchase the version for WPMU 2.9.2, but was told that the subscription that works for 2.9.2 would be different so I would have to pay twice and that I should wait until the new release, which will be at least several more weeks to release. The problem for me is that if I had gone ahead and purchased it without calling them, in the back end of WP I probably would go ahead with the upgrade of WPMU to 3.0, not realizing that my CorePHP component would not work with it and that even though I just purchased the subscription for a year for 2.9.2, I would be obligated to buy the new subscription for 3.0 (when released). I don't think this is a good business practice not to clarify this to customers, as for me it would be an investment of $198 instead of the $99 for the promised one year subscription that would be useless if I go ahead to automatically upgrade my blog as recommended by Wordpress. At some point I may buy this extension when they release it for 3.0, but feel that for those customers who have current subscriptions for 2.9.2, there should be an upgrade to the new version since sticking with old versions of WP is a notoriously risky business as evidenced by widespread hacking in the very recent past. I think it's crucial for Core PHP to notify their customers NOT to upgrade to 3.0 BEFORE buying the extension. As of right now, after much research on their site and the support person I spoke to, there is no reference to this issue by them.
Owner's reply


I can understand your concern, but I would also appreciate if you do not misinform the rest of the users. If you currently own WordPress or WordPress MU for Joomla, you will be able to upgrade to the new subscription for a fee, it will not be full price, nor do we know the full price that the new subscription will be sold at, but it will not be $99 USD as the current subscription for WordPress MU for Joomla!

More information can be found here one our blog post:

I hope this answers some of your concerns.

Kindest regards,
Rafael Corral