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bysnlr, December 10, 2012
Best free gallery plugin I've tested. There's one with a similiar name which is not as good even in its non-free version. THIS one is the real deal. Easy to setup, easy to use, still lots of room for the developer to change certain details.

Only "downside" is that editors of items will have to deal with shortcode; simple enough though.
bysnlr, December 10, 2012
Simple Image Gallery
Does what it says, but that doesn't mean not much. I bought the pro version, confusing it with another plugin with a similiar name, wrongly assuming PRO would get me an even better version of PLUS (my fault). In other words, the PRO version of this plugin is indeed slightly better than the free version of this plugin, but I don't feel like I invested my money well.

The support I bought with my subscription was fast and polite.

The plugin says it integrates with K2. That integration is not as useful for me as I hoped. The only thing it does is let the author of an item upload an archive from which a gallery is created. It's not possible to point to a previously uploaded folder on the server. For that, the author would have to use the shortcode, like in the free version. Also, the shortcode and the upload function will use different image directories on the server. If I change the shortcode's image root path, I'll have to move my imags away from my central image folder into media/k2/something, a path that will also show up in my source code. If I don't, I'll end up with a fragmented image collection.

The value:key pairing to write into the shortcode is laughable. I'm supposed to write "image-folder:::::2::" to achieve a certain effect - sorry but no.

The thumbnails can be displayed in a few different modes, all very eye-candy-like. Needs a lot of CSS overwrites to get it to look decent.

Again, it does what it says and appears professional, it's just not a very good plugin, in my opinion.

I reverted back to the tool I wrongly thought I was buying, which works much better overall, has more features, looks better.
bysnlr, November 15, 2012
All Weblinks
Works ok, but it obfuscates the links (href is an internal script), and the CSS can't easily be overwritten. Of course, Joomla's built-in tool is completely useless compared to this.
bysnlr, November 9, 2012
Very comfortable way of translating a website into multiple languages. Obviously the main text, but also the title and alias, the main/sub menu items, category names, module names and so on can be translated. A speech bubble icon indicates the translatable input fields and text areas. For articles, an extra icon opens an overlay box to translate everything at once.
bysnlr, November 9, 2012
Clean Response
This plugin works as expected. Once Gzip is activated in the "server" settings of Joomla's control center, a response header of "Joomla 1.5" or "Joomla 2.5" is being sent. There are online tools or browser plugins to display those headers, search for "view response headers".