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bysnooky147, March 27, 2014
I use this extension since a long time, named Mighty Resources before and I must say that you can do whatever you want with incredible number of possibility for arranging your content.
Everything is in !
Support is very good (Thanks Sergey)
Of course, you need training before using it but when you have well understand how it works, everything is possible !
Me, I use it for creating a virtual cimetery with flowers droping and I can do all with this ...
Just think about what you need and Cobalt will make it possible ...
bysnooky147, June 11, 2013
Tabs GK5
Excellent for advertisement site where I use a lot of modules displaying ads "premium", etc.
simply to use, you just need to understand how it works with positions and it goes ...

Thanks for this guy ..
bysnooky147, June 4, 2013
OS Property
Works great, even if there are some little issues in modules when updating or changing version, but those were fixed within an short time by the support wich is fantastic !
You can buy it without any hesitation ...
Also, the work done is great and site looks like very professionnal as expected
bysnooky147, March 9, 2012
Hi, I installed this plugin and find it very usefull, wathever, I can't really juge its results, but I think it works as it said.
To developper : admin needs to feel all country codes he wants to block , I think it could be better and easier to feel only country you want to allow and block all others, something like : block country = all exept us,ca,fr ... as you can permit only to your choice without searching all country codes.
Thanks whenever ...
Owner's reply

Hi Snooky147,

Thanks for the good rating and comments. I agree with what you have suggested and we shall incorporate that functionality soon!


bysnooky147, January 5, 2012
FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
Amazing !!
I searched a component able to alow multi categories, because the problem in Joomla 1.5 is that you can't make sub categories...
So I test this one and was very happy that this component can make menu wich show all articles that have same keyword in meta , very useful and easy to use.
Thanks a lot to share this free with Joomla community !
bysnooky147, December 30, 2011
This is a must have, with so much combinaisons ...
I enjoy it and all the work of this guy ...
Nice job and cheap for full version .
bysnooky147, June 9, 2011
Phoca Gallery
Sorry to write that, because this component seem to be great as many people like it and use it, but when I installed it for the first time, I firstly wasted time to understand it with all its settings, (too much settings !!) ...
I had many problems and decided to reinstall it on a clean new site J1.5.23 and I still have the same problems with thumbnails ceation wich make bugs all the time, I restart installation a few time, upgrade latest version, and after a full day, I decide to give it up because I can't spend so much time for just having a photo gallery ...
I notice that I went on forum but didn't find solution for my issue and have no more time to post on it...
Owner's reply


"I firstly wasted time to understand it with all its settings"

There are default settings. I you don't want to waste time in Settings, you need not to set something, default settings will care about it. I really don't understand why to negative review something because it gives me possibility to setup a lot of things and gives me more freedom than I need :-(

"I still have the same problems with thumbnails ceation wich make bugs all the time"

If you have found some bug, will be great to get more information in forum. Mostly this can be solved as mostly server settings need to be changed (no bug in the script).

"I notice that I went on forum but didn't find solution for my issue and have no more time to post on it..."

Is this some kind of humour?

I have a problem but I will not ask ... so will I solve my problem? I think, not. Sorry but I don't really understand the logic, why not spend some seconds (maybe minuts) to ask? :-( :-(

Still not understand?

You don't have time to ask in forum to solve your problem but you have time to make review where you will describe that you have not time to ask to solve your problem?

I am sorry, please do not take it personally, but I really don't understand it :-( :-(

bysnooky147, November 23, 2010
Really great !!!
I used another gallery before (vsig), but this one is really nice, with a lot of params.
Thanks for this free extension ...
bysnooky147, August 2, 2010
Akeeba Backup
This component is very usefull, making full site backup in a few minutes and restore it in any folder, even on another hoster.
Powerfull to test sites , get restore quick and clean, wonderfull, amazing ...
bysnooky147, November 25, 2009
Vinaora Visitors Counter
Very nice module, easy to use, I didn't need anymore.

Simple and efficient !!
bysnooky147, November 3, 2009
Very complete (too much) and usefull component, just one think to critickise, this take too much on database and when I wanted backup my db with SQL request, I had problem with and I needed to backup it in twice, maybe my host is not so good ?!
Also, it required to publish on frontend some modules to make it work and if you don't want them appear on your site, you can't make it work !!
bysnooky147, November 3, 2009
Excellent, I use it for "french" ads site, and it works fine, easy to use and configure, having one or two templates more for display ads will be better ....
A bug is that each time you click on an ads, module who's on line " increase of 1 ! and no answer for this on forum, but it's rather a good work and for free, so ...
bysnooky147, October 28, 2009
This guy is the best for our Joomla extensions!
So simple to use, and really well done, works perfectly, I'm French and discover "Nonumber extensions" yesterday, every one is usefull and should be in core joomla !
Thanks a lot !!
Owner's reply

If even the French think my extensions are simple to use... :P

bysnooky147, February 21, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I was looking for a plugin to put multiple markers on a map and single marker on other map, it's done very well and easy way to do !!