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bysnoopy, October 26, 2012
About 2 years ago I made a shopping site with Joomla 1.5 and VM 1.1.9. Although both systems were new to me, I could make a workable shopping site with a bit of elbow grease and a few compromises.

For my new web site I needed VM only for the display of products, without a shopping cart. I thought this would be an easy task and started with Joomla 2.x and the new VM 2.x. To wrap it up, it is a mess and after months of hard work I am close to giving up. What pulls me down are the numerous things that do not work and for which you cannot find a work-around. The system has become hard to understand and there is no useful documentation. Since I started with VM 2.x I have followed every update, hoping that the bugs would disappear. Not one has disappeared, but one more got in with 2.1.2. And after each update I the code with the "hacks" that I found in the forum and that remedied at least some of the bugs, has to worked in again. That is frustrating.

For my purposes the functionality to add products with good images is vital. This was not quite easy in VM 1.5 but still manageable. Now it has become a total mess. The image management does not store/display my product images with the sizes I want nor the names nor the storage location I want. It just does some wild things and to clean up the mess you have to spend hours with FTP.

The system has some good new features like defining your own product fields. The main problem are simply the bugs, and that apparently nobody tries to fix them in updates.

I acknowledge that this is free software, but it should work nevertheless. Sorry folks, but I cannot give this product a good rating anymore.
bysnoopy, May 14, 2010
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Morfeo Video
I downloaded the free test module. Although it seems easy to implement, I could not make it work. Got the message 'no image' where the videos were supposed to show up. After tinkering for half an hour I gave up. Sorry, but cannot give another rating than poor.
Owner's reply

Hello,thank you for the interest in our module.

This bug is fixed now.

There was a joomla version that we had this problem with our module but now is fixed.

We are pleasured if you be able to download our module again.
Thank you very much

bysnoopy, April 23, 2010
Works really like a charm. Download, install, check paramters. Was done in a few minutes. Big thanks to the developer.

A Captcha is a MUST in my view. With my new Joomla/Virtuemart site hardly known to anybody, I received spam pretty soon. Came in all via the CONTACT form.
bysnoopy, March 28, 2010
Great Tool! Was within 5 minutes on the home page and worked. Easy to download and understand. I was also astonished about the quality of the Google translation. Certainly an enrichment for any web site catering for an international audience. Thanks to the developer!
bysnoopy, March 8, 2010
Simple Picture Slideshow
I wanted a simple and straightforward colorslide tool. Simple Picture Slideshow is precisely that. Straightforward, easy (was running in a few minutes), the images load fast, no delay on starting the slide show and the images, although larger than the display, are sharp. I am hundred percent content. Thanks for a great product!