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bysnorri, April 7, 2009
Too simple even for a basic cart application.
There are some basic functions missing:

- display of a products listing
- detail view of a product (as a component function)
- description field of a product (a simple text area!)
- upload of images (not simple?)

You have to install a mambot and insert code with your product id to display one(!) product page. You have to repeat this for every product you want to display! This is very inconvenient.
It would have been easy to insert the mambot code as a component function and display either the complete product listing or a detail page (the prodID as an url param given).

One bug found: if you have options and the user does not select one, the cart gets confused and simply increments the quantity of any previous added product in the cart. So preselection of an option is a must (:::selected).

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a basic cart application and are able to dive in the code and improve/debug it, this is a good starting point.
Owner's reply

Visibly you have missed the point... For all presentation of products, description, images, listing of products, SimpleCaddy relies on Joomla and its excellent functions. It adds an easy possibility for selling products to your site. As for bugs, there is a fairly active forum where you can ask questions and get answers as well as bugs fixed.

bysnorri, March 23, 2007
Couldn't get the images upload to work. (no chmod problem because of localhost/win testing environment...)
Forum shows that some users share the problem.

I am everything but a php beginner but I couldn't even find out where this thing tries to store image paths...
Developer couldn't help either...