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bysnw, July 19, 2011
AutoTweet NG Pro
I only spotted 2 minor issues:
1) it lacks G+ integration (but it's early, I suppose there will be an update soon)
2) every post in facebook has this annoying "via AutoTweet Connector" in the bottom line. I'd like to be able to remove this.

Those noted, it works like a charm :)
Owner's reply

Thx for the review!

As described in the docu you can change "via AutoTweet Connector" by using your own app instaed the AutoTweet app (what is recommended).


bysnw, November 6, 2009
I was trying to find a CCK for an online magazine, and k2 was just what I needed. The only thing I couldn't do with K2 is create a community (e.g. similar to Community Builder). Now that I come to think about it, a bridge between those two would be ideal!