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byso.sandic, July 24, 2014
JCH Optimize
I installed jch long time ago on one of my sites (free version) and results was amazing. Recently I changed old template with responsive one and find out that responsive design is not good on my mobile. Reinstall jch (use most recent version) and results was just great. Everything works out of the box...
Gmetrix results, page speed 88 High B, YSlow 85, high B, Google page insights, 75.
Few hours later, I by PRO version (just 5$) and turn on asynchronous load of js and make small adoptions and now Gmetrix results are, page speed 92 A, YSlow 90, A, Google page insights, 86.

Cant comment on support because I did not needed for now :)

Fully recommendation!
byso.sandic, June 13, 2014
This extension is one of my favorite extensions. I use it on almost every website I ever designed and maintained. It works out of the box and its free.

I use free version for long amount of time, before I decide to check on commercial version.

Commercial version is for acceptable amount of money and have just few (but great) differences in comparing with free version. Like Scrolling Page to active slider, very effective and great.

For both version of extension:
1)Works like charm :) on joomla 2.5 and 3.0
2)Good looking(neutral grey design with nice effects) but can be overridden, so it is very adaptive to concrete design
3)So far, no problems with other extensions, jquery, templates, etc
4)It could be managed by NoNumber Extension manager which is great help and bust for effectiveness (especially in joomla 2.5)
5)Support is on time and efficient
6)User guide very informative and with huge amount of concrete examples, very detailed.
7)It looks good and works on all platforms, from desktop to mobile

Thank you Peter on this great extension, keep up with good work!
byso.sandic, July 5, 2013
BT Content Slider
I have tried almost thirty different non comercial extensions in past few days in order to get RESPONSIVE content slider and/or slideshow. Most of them not responsive at all, and I expirience lot of problems to get them work (jquery conflicts usually).

This one works like charm out of the box!

It is responsive as it says.
It is fully configurable.
It is simple to use.

Thank you for this great extension!

Every recomendation for this extension.

byso.sandic, July 4, 2012
Art Table Lite Edition
Very nice and useful module! Maybe it is acomplished in commercial version, i do not know, but it would be nice if default number of rows could be set in module settings and in lite version. Anyway, that is not big deal, because who knows how to write SQl query, probably knows how to change default number of rows in code :). Search option and pager are just perfect! Thank you!