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bysoamjena, April 3, 2013
AutoTweet NG Pro
Well, to start with, I did not even try its free version. I paid for it straight and tested it, after getting all of my questions answered in a quick time by the presale team. AMAZING SUPPORT GUYS!

And at first I was confused, but they kept no stones unturned to make the whole process a breeze. The configuration , testing, and making it live, everything went easy.

Even they kept my request for a feature and applied it in just 24 hours.

Works awesomely on K2 and Joomla Articles. The best and superb tool , if you are really looking for some great social traffic.

Its an amazing product, backed up by a great support and development team.
We used RokBooster on a Rockettheme Gantry template itself . I was very much excited after looking at its backend parameters screen, and thought, this is the one, which I was always looking for.

But sadly, after I activated it, Pingdom and Google Page Speed could not reach the website.

And when I refreshed, all the css got jacked up .

To my understanding, there can be never a complete 100% perfect compression app for Joomla.
Owner's reply

This issue is typically associated with server permissions. Therefore, in version 1.1.5, we added the ability to change the permissions of the compressed files from 755/644 to 775/664, which are necessary for some servers. Therefore, I suggest that you try that in RokBooster's Advanced Options, clear your cache, refresh and see if it works.

Feel free to contact us at and if you have posted in our forum, please provide a link to your post in email. We'll be happy to look into it.

bysoamjena, July 4, 2012
This is what I was looking for. Testing gets easier now. Thanks man.
bysoamjena, May 17, 2012
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JS Autoz
I have been using Ahmad's JS Jobs for a quite long time now and then this JS Auto, just tested it today.

He is the best in non-commercial components, and very very flexible. When we needed customization, he helped me personally and has always been helpful either on emails or forums.

Such guys should make softwares and others need a rest!
bysoamjena, December 11, 2010
SJ VM Scrollbar
This module looks great and has a great price tag as well.
4-5 different layouts and all are rocking.
God job!
bysoamjena, November 11, 2010
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Phoca Gallery
I have been using this extension for almost all of my clients and I must say, this extension has been a favorite for all of my clients and portals.
It just works out of the box and has got a real load of features, which I was expecting in a fully featured photo gallery.

Great job by Jan, who has released it FREE and also invests his valuable time in fixing bugs, updating the extension.

Hats off to him and his dedication to Joomla! Community!
I have 3 things to say for sh404sef,
1. I have been using this for years now for all of my clients and I personally use it for my company website as well. Works great!
2. The new version 2 has got some terrific additions, like Analytics.
3. The Forum Support is excellent and works24x7.

Overall, a very very happy customer!
bysoamjena, September 16, 2010
Shadowbox Media Viewer
After wasting hours in trying various plugin, I landed up on Joe's Plugin page.
It looked good and I thought of trying for the last time and guess what, IT JUST WORKED OUT OF THE BOX!

Great job Joe.. Thanks a lot. You just saved me!
bysoamjena, August 3, 2010
Loved using this. Nice and sleek and most important, "BUG FREE".
Real easy to use and works perfect. Thanks.
Scroller for RSMonials
Good job@ RS Team.
Was waiting for it and I had developed a scroller for it, to use on my client sites.

Now will use yours. Perfect addon.
I have came across a lot of situation, where either the product is bad or the support is bad. But here both are AWESOME!
MetaMod looks promising!
And I would suggest to buy MetaMod Pro, since it doesnt exactly what it says, and all the controls are right on your hands.
If you want to really control what to come, what not to come, then this is the last stop!
MetaMod Pro and MetaMod and Stephen rocks!
bysoamjena, July 9, 2010
Vip Portfolio
Superb Software!
Liked it a lot. My clients are just too happy with this extension. It looks and all the layouts are just great!
Keeo up the good work mate..
bysoamjena, May 22, 2009
Phoca Download
Hi, first of all,its a nice component and I can say,it can bypass Docman in its looks. Still needs some more features;

1. Download button should be hidden for unregistered members and they should be opted to REGISTER.


Thats it. I would like to see these two options soon.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review:

1) there is such option
2) sorry, I don't understand, which menu item do you mean? Pleask try to specify it in forum:

Thank you, Jan