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bysocialfan, November 13, 2010
Accordion FAQ
I tried the plug in and it works fine, so thanks a lot to the developer. Probelem appears when you would like to use the script on differnet places on the same page. like seperate you FAQ in sections.
Owner's reply

I don't know why you couldn't get it to work but the plugin/module definitely supports multiple instances on a single page. If you go to the forums we can sort out the problem.

bysocialfan, June 30, 2009
Profile Pro for Community Builder
Must say, the way you organized this is very smart!

Congratulations! and thank you for the great contribution!
bysocialfan, January 17, 2009
Community Builder
This component is probably one of the biggest value adders to Joomla!

Please visit the project website and read about the many opportunities of this great extension.

Thank you Beat and Nant for the continues and stable development! 10 STARS * you are the best.
bysocialfan, January 11, 2009
I used MetaMod to hide specific modules that were public and replace them with modules for members only. Of course this module is super functional and you can do much more with it.

I contact the publisher ones for support and it was fast and professional.

Many thanks for this great value adder to Joomla! – excellent.