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bysocoweb, July 25, 2013
Joom Donation
All of JoomDonation's components are elegant and well coded. Joomdonation is simple to configure and easy to use, and offers customization options that enhance our ability accept online donations and make the donor experience a great one.

The interface with the translation files is the best I've ever seen, and enables the user to customize the component from the admin. That's a very user-friendly feature.

Their custom development work is superb, and we've been very pleased with the Joomdonation component and every other component we've licensed.
Event Booking
We needed an extension allowing for individual and group registrations, that displayed available spaces and how many were booked... and Event Booking does it flawlessly!

EB allows the admin to create custom fields for the registration forms - a critical feature that makes this extension flexible and powerful.

A stroke of genius is an integrated editor for the language file -- enabling me to customize the screen prompts and labels without having to edit via FTP.

As an experienced Joomla! developer, evaluating many extensions every year, I have found this to be one of the best-coded extensions I have ever used. The developer has been very fast and responsive to inquiries. Support is superb!
bysocoweb, August 31, 2010
This extension is indeed very simple to install and configure, with an elegant and unobtrusive display of flags.

Apart from an occasional jQuery conflict with another extension, I highly recommend it. The free version works without ioncube loader (a huge plus in my opinion).
bysocoweb, December 22, 2009
K2 makes Joomla! more flexible than any other component I've ever used. It's mature in version 2.1, and future versions stand to be even better as it becomes documented and more robust.
bysocoweb, November 18, 2009
MetaMod (and Pro) makes it simple to show and hide modules based on so many criteria, that it's difficult to imagine ever creating a Joomla! site without it.

In 10 minutes, I had accomplished what it had formerly taken me hours of template modifications to do (without having to modify the templates). The extension is well-documented and the recipes section of the web site includes code samples to cover any situation that should arise (especially the most common one I have – hide the left column navigation on the home page).