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bysoftforge, March 31, 2014
I don't write many reviews but everyone needs to know how amazing this extension is!!!

My requirements were quite bespoke so I spent some time exploring the best charting APIs to integrate into my development. I shouldn't have bothered! I did not think I would find something flexible enough for my needs on the JED but Plotalot is just awesome!

I messaged the developer who responded quickly and was very helpful. I've looked though the code and it is well very well written. Don't waste any more time, try it now and you'll see how great it is!!!
bysoftforge, June 4, 2013
NoNumbers extensions in general are amazing and this is one of my favourites! :)
bysoftforge, February 11, 2013
Qlue Custom 404
Installed and working on several servers but had issues that were server related. I opened dialouge with the developer who was helpful, prompt and knowledgable. Within a short time the issue was narrowed down on our server, changed and the link checker worked flawlessly.

This is a very useful tool for sorting that boring but vital job of link checking. A big thankyou for such an excellent product.
bysoftforge, October 22, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
As a developer myself I know what makes a good product and this is an excellent product. Its fast maturing and since adding it and recommending it to my local JUG its become something all the members have used. I found a small bug and added a wish list feature. I was pleased to see a reply within an hour and stunned to see a new version with fix and wish-list added attached to my email to test within 5 hours. It worked like a charm and I gives confidence that the product is in active development and fully supported. If you want a contact form, or any feedback form, this is the one and its so extensible that it can do a lot more besides.
Many thanks