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bysome_greek, June 30, 2010
Phoca PDF
This is a nice feature packed extension, however I noticed a couple of issues that prevent me giving it 5 stars.

1> PDF links can break with certain SEF settings (namely when enabling "add suffix to URLs).

2> When this extension is enabled, it is my experience that it can prevent the core search feature from working on certain searches (you get a blank white page).

The latter one is more of an issue for me, and I can't fathom why this extension would cause the search to fail for some phrases, but work fine for others.

It could be coincidence, but those failed searches worked fine when this extension was uninstalled which I did as I need my search feature working 100% more than I need this PDF extension.
Owner's reply

Hi, yes, before running the component and mostly the system plugin, the important notice of the component should be read.

Because in Joomla! 1.5 there is no option to set own link to PDF, the core PDF link needs to be found in the system and this link needs to be translated to link to Phoca PDF. And as there are numerous of SEF solutions and different link formats, it is very difficult to translate all the possible link formats. This is why the replacing is not working 100% (e.g. it can be stopped by not enough memory on the server - with fatal error)

In Phoca PDF settings you can set different search and replace methods.

If you get blank page, mostly some error is stopping the script and this should be found in errorLog or while enabling php error reporting, see: