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bysookses, December 15, 2009
I am just one of the happy and grateful users who use Virtuemart for online stores. I feel very guilty if I do not give excellent review for the fact that my online store is successful because of Virtuemart. while I make a lot of money because of Virtuemart, Virtuemart itself got a lot of bad reviews, most likely from competitors who disguise as if they were Virtuemart users.

To eiger, with all due respect, I have to totally disagree with you. It's true that we have to do a lot of setups, but in the end it's not nothing. It's definitely something.

To pacc, not sure how you configured the coupon, but coupon feature does work on my site. Although it's not quite shopisticated, but it's enough to be either as a one time use or permanent use (percentage or dollar). Also, I guess you might have made mistake when configured the shipping option. Shipping option does work if you configure correctly. About loop, there might something wrong with your Joomla setup.

To sputnikweb, it's weird when you said that you've been with VM for couple years but yet could not resolve a very simple problem where Virtuemart didn't appear in the Components menu. That made me asked myself, did you really play around with VM for couple years? If you really have been with VM for couple years, you should have become a VM expert rather than complained for a very very minor problem! Unbelievable! I have been with VM for about one year and am already able to solve many of VM problems by myself!

To weatherfront, same as above.

To vujsa, instead of posting your errors here, you should have posted it in VM forum. Or you should have searched VM forum because your errors were not unique. I found those kind of errors have been discussed tons of times in VM forum. Please do not be lazy. If you want a free product, you must be diligent enough to search the forums. If you do not want to be diligent enough, then you have to be willing to spend a lot of money (hundreds or thousands of dollars for commercial shopping cart softwares).