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Ignite Gallery
I have searched high a low for gallery extension that looks great and is easy to fit into my site. This extension ticks all the boxes and I couldn't as for more!

You can change the colours of the background, border and nav buttons to make sure it integrates perfectly into your site.

I've played around with lots of more sophisticated gallery extensions, most of which rely on mootools. Depending on the template your using and the browser you view the gallery through, many of these fall short when it comes to stability. This is not the case with Ignite Gallery! It is as stable as you could possibly wish for, and the description adding function allows you to further customise your picture display.

I am also really impressed with the fact that you can create multiple galleries and then use the very simple plugin function to place your chosen gallery into any section, category or article.

If you're looking for style and function without compromise, then Ignite Gallery is the gallery component for you!
Mosets Tree
MT is probably one of the best Joomla components I have come across and believe me when I say I've tried *a lot* of them during my "development" stage...!

It is an extremely flexible component that can be easily tailored to do what you want it to, so don't think that you have to stick rigidly to a basic directory-style setup if you don't want to. The default m2 template is easy to customise, but if like me, you want to integrate MT into your site which uses a different, non-MT template, you'll find it fits in really nicely without any fuss.

One of my favourite features (and it's a very simple one) is the ability to add a single listing across multiple categories. This is great from a cross-selling perspective, if that's what you want, and it also makes your directory extremely logical for users.

Support is absolutely excellent. I've read comments from some other members who have suggested that this is not the case, but I can honestly say that every time I have asked for support, I have received it on the same day.

If you're caught in two minds about whether or not your should pay for MT when there are plenty of other free directory components out there then I would say it is worth every penny and you will agree with me when you have got it up and running. It is flexible, extremely stable and comes with top-notch support, so really, what more could you ask for?
RSform Pro
RS Forms Pro is well worth forking out on. Both the backend and frontend look great and are incredibly easy to use. The forms on my site (Joomla 1.5.2) are as stable as a rock and the way email address are stored are extremely intuitive.

If you've got a site where you want your users to provide plenty of feedback/submissions, RS Forms Pro is an invaluable extension.
My experience of Artio JoomSEF has been a real mixed bag. On the one hand getting it to actually work was a nightmare, yet on the other, now I've finally got it going it works like a dream...

I'm using Joomla 1.5.2 and when I originally installed (with no problems) JoomSEF, as soon as it was enabled, I received an error message when I tried to view the front end of my site. My .htaccess was sorted, and none of the other usual gremlins seemed to be the problem. Once I disabled JoomSEF the problem went away... After a lot of frustration, I gave up trying to get JoomSEF working and opted for a more basic approach to getting my site SEO'd up by downloading a Joomla SEF patch from For those of you who don't know, this gives you an "SEO" tab in your site's Global Configuration.

Anyway, even though this worked well, I wanted JoomSEF for a number of other reasons, including getting SEF URLs for Fireboard (JoomSEF have a free extension which is excellent). So, I reinstalled JoomSEF, and suddenly it worked! I hadn't done anything else to my site, so something in the joomlaworks patch fixed my problem.

Now JoomSEF is working properly I've been able to clean up my site from an SEO/SEF perspective and I really would recommend this extension to anyone who wants to rank well.