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bysor, September 19, 2012
Can't believe I've actually overridden core files without modifying core files. Thank you so much. This plugin must be in core. Including custom fields 28771. That way Joomla can be anything. Don't need additional components or anything.
bysor, March 26, 2007
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
i have figured out some problems.
First this plug in only works when if there is any content on page. On component pages it won't work at all.

If you wanna view on component page you have to add this to you template

@import "/mambots/content/plugin_jw_tabs_slides/tabs_slides.css";

.tabbernav {display:none;}

var jw_slideSpeed = 10; var jw_timer = 10;


and if you wanna use it on your modules. example

Module1 | Module2 | Module3

you have to add some more module positions for your modules example

module1 /position/
module2 /position/
module3 /position/

and you need to make new user module and you have to make like this

{tab=Module1}{mosloadposition module1}
{tab=Module2}{mosloadposition module2}
{tab=Module3}{mosloadposition module3}


make sure that you have choosen Module1 module for module1 position. etc
Hope that it helps you