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bysounds, October 27, 2014
Extra Vote
The default voting display is ok but this plugin replaces that with a very neat voting system.

Thanks for sharing
bysounds, October 25, 2014
BT Social Sharing
Nice and clean look for articles,
Thanks for sharing
bysounds, January 12, 2014
I was checking the page load over on google adsense and my pages were loading kind of slow, a lot of fixes were recommended on adsense, then i installed this plugin and i'm getting 75%/100% page load for desktop and 53% for mobile devices, i think if i play with the settings i can increase page load.. thanks nice plugin.
bysounds, October 4, 2013
JJ Social Slider
Just on looks alone this is attractive
As you can see on their demo page, it slides out each social icon in a little bar, pleased with this.
bysounds, May 7, 2013
If you're in a hurry and want to remove the generator tags from your source quickly without touching the template code for whatever reason, this is handy. Thanks for sharing
bysounds, May 1, 2013
Nice User Info Lite
I needed to display text on the front page that greeted guests, then when they signup and login it greets them by their name, perfect!
bysounds, April 23, 2013
Does exactly what i wanted, just installed and set an image from google search for tester, really enhances the whole site, i wanted to get a clean kind of fresh page look and this did it.. sort of like the front page for example site: wetransfer, that's the look i got out of the yootheme nano theme :)
Thanks nice work
bysounds, March 31, 2013
Bad Word Filter
Just logged in to say thanks.
I wanted to stop users saying bad words in chat, this works in Kide chat also! Gonna use a little image for the html replacer.. cool
bysounds, January 27, 2013
I think this is better than sp and one or tw others because i couldn't change the color of the chat text, which is not the module's fault, it's fb, but i could change the design? with this module, which helped show the text better on our dark theme... TY :)
bysounds, February 20, 2012
Better Preview
Very good, sometime i wonder why they leave out these features that should be default, but maybe this is why, so developers like this can add them.
I get a message after installing about might not be compatible with php 5.2.x.x
But it works fine.

Thank you
bysounds, June 22, 2011
I'd have to give this top marks because it does a nice job of displaying your stream info, add the module that has auto refrest setting, plus a small winmy type button to play stream, that activates the yahoo media player that pops out of the botton of my page, neat, i allready have the yahoo media player embeded, so no need to create an extra play button.
It also has a text link "play" to open the stream in winamp.
The mp3 that's playing is listed directly on top of the image which you can have displayed, and of course it lists the last 4? songs played under the image.
There's more feature in the module's paremiters than is described, but it's pritty neat, saved me doing all those tasks seperatel.

I'd liek to be able to choose the display that little winamp play icon by itself, or the winpy play button by itself.

Owner's reply

Thank you for that nice review.

I added the play feature as feature request for the next version.

If you have more feature requests or bug reports, feel free to use the bugtracker at

bysounds, June 20, 2011
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X5 Ajaxchat
It's really neatly done and installs very easily
Can't wait to make a few rooms

Love it

bysounds, June 16, 2011
Works on new registrations
Does the job nicely.

bysounds, June 16, 2011
CB plug MyPlayer
It's really cool
I haven't published my site yet but im sure they will love this, im gone nuts adding plugins to cb as you do, this is the first mod i've paid for.

Thanks great job
bysounds, June 16, 2011
CB Soundcloud
Very nice man very nice.
Once you add your soundcloud username a nice tab
appears in the menu on your proofile.


bysounds, June 13, 2011
Top marks, i destroyed my new site 3 times while attempting to do this manualy after install.
This just does the job instantly no probs!

Thanks to the creator.
bysounds, April 1, 2011
Flexi Contact
Top marks, has some nice features, simple but effective and clean look, the adding of extra images is a nice touch, saves you some time.

Thanks for sharing :)
bysounds, April 1, 2011
Phoca Favicon
5 start nice little tool very simple and effective

Thanks and i like your other creations :)