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byspacecoasttactical, February 12, 2014
DMC Firewall
All it did was sent me hundreds of emails saying "Website Possibly Hacked!" on every access to the site's homepage. No description of hack attempt. In fact there was no hack attempt. The server was on a local network with no internet access. Also, changing .htaccess on installation without requesting permission? Out of order.
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking the time to try DMC Firewall and for your review.

Within our documentation we do mention that we edit the necessary files, granted this could perhaps be clearer and we will look to make the relevant changes to the documentation as soon as we can.
The original .htaccess file is backed up and can easily be put back within a few seconds via ftp.

We are aware of an issue where multiple emails are sent out in where trigger words are detected. The issue is fixed in the upcoming release (Version 1.3).

That plugin works by scanning the site's HTML - looking for terms such as viagra, cialis, payday, loans, insurance - commonly injected into sites by the 'pharma hack' and sends an email if any of those terms are found.
Within DMC Firewall's configuration - you can increase the 'Threshold limit' so the plugin will only send you an email if x instances of those terms are found on any one page (x is user defined).

In version 1.2 and below - these trigger terms are not configurable, so if your website mentions any of those terms you would receive an email. In version 1.3+ (not released yet) they will be configurable.

We thank you for your interest in DMC Firewall and hope that you will give the new version a fresh chance when it is released.

byspacecoasttactical, January 19, 2014
This small plugin has got to be one of the best things since sliced bread. Like everything from nonumber it is simple to use, powerful and works flawlessly.
byspacecoasttactical, May 27, 2012
We tried a few newsletter solutions for Joomla. For us, this is by far the best. Easy to install, easy to configure (never once looked at the documentation), easy to use.

Absolutely love it. Can't find any problems with. Good job!
byspacecoasttactical, January 23, 2012
Event Booking
I spent weeks looking for the extension that I needed. I tried and evaluated many reservations and booking extensions. This is BY FAR the best. It does exactly what it says it does and it does it extremely well. I was able to install and configure it in minutes. The support is first class and quite honestly, I would have been happy to pay much more. I had a deadline and was only able to meet it because the excellent quality of the extension and the super fast response from the developers. If I could give it ten stars, I would. Great job guys.