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I installed this component specifically because the TinyMCE editor doesn't handle JavaScript properly.

The TinyMCE editor makes it very difficult to include Google Adsense code in your articles (you have to turn off the TinyMCE editor, insert the code, and then never edit that article with the TinyMCE editor after that).

I was looking for a solution that would allow me to insert Google Adsense javascript code without having to turn off the editor. So I installed the JCE editor to see how it handled JavaScript.

At first, I was infuriated that there was no HTML button on this editor at all! After poking around for about a half-hour, I figured out that you have to go into the Group settings under Components...JCE Administration, click on the "default" group, click on "layout", and then drag the icons for HTML editing into the "current editor layout".

So for all of you who are confused by the lack of an HTML button, it is there, you just have to configure it, and the configuration is VERY well buried in the settings.

Hope this information is helpful to some of you.
Owner's reply

Unfortunately the no-show HTML / AdvCode button is due to a bug in JCE Admin Component 1.5.1

This will be fixed in the next update.