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byspartacus_gdl, July 13, 2011
Excellent work, I have just a small observation. I have the need to search testimonials through some words or keywords; I tried to do that via Joomla search module but apparently does not work. I do not know if there is some technique to link the testimonials, to joomla search engine or if I have to obtain a separate module or extension.. .etc. thanks.
byspartacus_gdl, November 24, 2010
I had the opportunity to test their product in version 2.1.7 and I like the versatility in handling packages is just what I need, but apparently there are some problems with the integration in "jsocial" are not taken correctly advertiser's profile fields to contact him and something goes wrong with the "jomlistings modules" in this part, seems to be broken.

Like many users here, I also agree that the regions are not entirely flexible, I will like to see the body of the classifieds and just filters to search by country and product / services (regions or countries in function to the ads and not like it is currently).

I wonder when released version 2.1.8 "stable" to buy and I believe these improvements have already more than covered.

Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. I don't recall any bug associated with jomsocial (I believe) you are talking about. This bug hasn't reported to us. Please do so if there is something. JomSocial combination with modules.

In 2.1.8, we have made region as flexible as possible. In 2.1.8, we have added 3 level region, location and neighbor hood combination. You can either run site as 2 level directory or 3 level depending on your need. Or even with no regions at all. 2.1.8 is stable to buy. There is no issue with it.