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byspeedbird001, December 19, 2012
Simple to install and configure. Best of all it doesn't interfere with the legibility of the site. I only have it on the home page, so the need for users to disable the effect becomes less important. (Although a front end user ability to disable the effect would be excellent for accessibility.)
byspeedbird001, November 25, 2011
I have been using JFusion to integrate access to SMF and Dokuwiki within Joomla for about 5 years now and it works seamlessly for the members of the site.
My brief was to provide a site for a professional organisation whose members needed a wiki and a forum within a secure area. Without JFusion I would have found this hard to do.
Concentration is the key to setting up JFusion correctly; ignore all the documentation and then you *will* have problems.
When I got stuck their forums helped and Fanno (Morten) is superb.
byspeedbird001, August 4, 2011
This extension was just what I needed to begin complying with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations ( PECR ) of the EU.

Now visitors can use a check box to signify their consent to receiving site cookies and continue onto the site. Or, they can reject and be forwarded to the privacy policy which will explain which cookies are used and for what reason.

I needed help from the developer and that was swift in coming. Altogether an elegant solution to what had seemed to be big problem...Highly recommended!