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byspetsk, August 30, 2012
I'm sorry if I didn't get the features of AllVideos plugin. I wanted to display the video on module position. So I noticed it didn't work. I got a Custom Module from your website and it worked finally, but I decided not to use it right now. So I went to automatically uninstall the plugin and module and guess what? It deleted all my module settings for previous 3rd party and genuine modules. I'm sorry if messed something up myself but I strongly suggest to check the uninstall code for your tools!
Owner's reply

First off, the plugin has nothing to do with any module. So whatever it is you uninstalled and deleted other module settings is not related to AllVideos. If you want to use any "content plugin" (like AllVideos) inside a Custom HTML module, you need to enable the "Prepare Content" option in that module's parameters. I know the title of the parameter is a bit stupid - it could simply say "enable plugins". Try that, add the video plugin code and you should be fine.