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byspike00, October 29, 2010
First of all I must say that this extension, even if full of problems as I'll write below, is the best for listings management for Joomla.

Unfortunately there are so many bugs! The problem is that the component as it was at version 2.1.7 (no more upgraded since I modified it too much to have a site working) should have been rated as pre-pre-pre alpha. In no way it should have been distributed to use in production sites (since simply there are so many features broken).

This said, if I would have known all these problems I would have gone as well with the component because as said, it's the best (about features richness), but at least I and my client would have been conscious that it would have needed extra work to fix all the things broken.

Now I quite fixed everything (something, according with my client will not be fixed) and I introduced many hacks to accomplish my client needs, this of course prevent us to continue with upgrading and support.

To be clear: I dont' want to complain. Just suggest joomclan to think if possible to revise their delivery policy.