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byspike1968, November 12, 2013
GoogleBaseXML for Virtuemart
At first this is an excellent product, but then as you utilise more and more of virtuemart facilities the cracks appear. That's fine if support or forum responses are good. But it seems that the way they deal with forum help is to say they cannot help and then close the thread so no discussion can be entered into.

After using this product successfully for 6 months it is a shame that support has let this down and I am now forced to look for an alternative.
Owner's reply

We most certainly did not close down the forum thread in which you asked for support - perhaps you were simply not logged in when you tried to post? The problems you complained about were minor details about the discount start/end date and shipping calculations. We were more than happy to look into this and asked for further information so we could look into this, something you seem to object to. You then emailed us with an insulting email but the only contact details you gave us were incorrect so we could not reply explaining that we would be happy to investigate if you actually gave us some information to go on. We have also posted in the forum offering to send you an update which might solve your problem, something you have not responded to. We go to a lot of trouble to support users, something which users have often thanked us for. I am sure that anyone reading this will have the intelligence to decide whether this really qualifies as 'poor support'.

byspike1968, March 7, 2013
Virtuemart Search Autocomplete
Had a couple of issues to start, but once I had played with settings works perfectly. Forum is also answered and found responses to questions which helped solve my issue. Very Impressed.
byspike1968, June 26, 2012
RD JAccordion
Having tried so many of these over the years, I am often let down. This is NOT one of those extensions. This does what it says it will do.

In chrome it works beautifully and and also in safari, firefox and rockmelt. IE9 which is often the problem browser just has a slight difference and as we know IE doesn't interpret code properly anyway.

Today I paid a tenner for a another extension that didn't work and yet this one works perfectly and is free.

I would gladly have paid for this.

Keep up the good work, your website is bookmarked.
byspike1968, September 1, 2011
Perfect works what more can I say
byspike1968, February 7, 2011
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SJ K2 Slideshow II
At last a K2 module that does what it promises, I have tried loads and this is the only one that is actually compatible with most browsers.

A few configuration issues, but once I played worked like a dream it took me no longer 30 minutes.

Support lacking on forum still no response to my query, but it was a cheap module and well worth the money.

Why oh why did I not get this one first
Owner's reply

Dear spike1968

We improved submit tickets and Live Chat. We are sure that you will always have quick solutions in the next time

Thank you very much

byspike1968, February 7, 2011
Lof SlideShow for K2
This must be a hit and miss module, installed it once and all it would do is stick on load, reinstalled to get a fresh install and then it brought my site down. It may work but no point installing something that can be so unreliable.
byspike1968, January 26, 2011
VTEM K2 Show
They claim it works in IE6+... firefox etc... the only browser where it's perfect is chrome... they have not tested fully in IE8,7 or 6 or firefox otherwise they would know they have problems...

Nothing from these guys seems to work, and I have followed their instructions to the letter, I even disabled all other jquery/mootools components and still won't work in two of the most used browsers.

Very frustrating and worse still I had to pay...
Owner's reply

If you have problems please post on our forum.
we'll help you fix that problem.
thank you.

byspike1968, January 23, 2011
VTEM K2 Boxs
I test in firefox and chrome, yet I would expect that any extension would work in IE8... Unfortunately this one does not, I cannot recommend this product until this is fixed and it' a major fix....
Owner's reply

Our products are tested on IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari ...
If you encounter an error due to conflict with your template or extension. Please sign up and post on our forums and we'll help you fix it.
thank you.