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Spider Calendar
I initially downloaded the 'lite' version to try out the product before purchase.

I had some compatibility problems with my template and contacted the developers who, although I hadn't paid anything, helped resolve all my problems.

I then bought the Pro version and am delighted with the extra features - especially the ability to totally customise the module(s) to my client's brand colours.

I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a light-weight yet full function event calendar. The admin is so simple to use that even non-tech clients are able to keep their events up to date.

And finally - a big thank-you Web-Dorado for their fast response and high level of support.

David ;-)
byspinfx, August 23, 2013
Hi Matthew
I have used FeedGator for quite a while now to pull in news stories from a variety of music news feeds to a blues club website so club members can keep up with Blues News from around the world.
It has been simple to use and saves me heaps of time.
Now I've just upgraded to Joomla! 3 and would love to continue using Feedgator, but I see it only works on J2.5
So my question, Matthew, is - are you planning a J3 version and if so, when?
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byspinfx, September 5, 2012
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Improve My City
We are currently evaluating this extension for reporting problems in remote national parks.
Have discussed a number of options/improvements with the developers and have had very fast and enthusiastic responses.
The more I look at this, the more reporting possibilities it offers - damage to recreational tracks and trails for one.
Well done guys, I see this becoming one of the most useful Joomla extensions.
Keep up the good work.
Cheers, David (Western Australia)
byspinfx, July 25, 2012
RSform Pro
I have been using RS Forms Pro for almost 2 years now and have found it to be the easiest and most user-friendly form-making component. I have also recommended it to fellow developers who have had similar success in using it.

Support is excellent (I live in Australia and get a response overnight).

The component is highly flexible with many features - including the very useful conditional fields feature - love it!

If you're looking for the ultimate form-making component for Joomla!, forget the others, this is the one.

Keep up the great work work guys.

Cheers, David
byspinfx, March 30, 2012
DataSafe PRO
This is an extremely easy product to use. Created a backup in an instant with a one button click. Couldn't be simpler.

Config is kept to the essentials so again, very easy to use even for beginners. Option to email backups automatically rather than having to go into admin and download is very welcome, as is the option to choose how often to backup.

All in all this is an excellent 5-star extension.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

byspinfx, March 8, 2012
JomLand Ticket Center
I bought the commercial version as I had a number of ideas for further development and wanted to encourage that.

Barny (the developer) has been very helpful in smoothing out a few things - like adding FREE events and Pay at the Door events - and he has also been responsive to ever growing my wish list. ;-)

At this stage in my business, I don't need the ticket purchase part, but I like the way the component presents the performer profiles with the gig list below and this was my main reason for purchasing.

I am sure that this product will grow to be a very useful extension for bands and promoters, as well as venue owners.

Thanks again Barny
byspinfx, May 10, 2011
I downloaded 'Attachments for content items' because I needed a simple way to provide a download without the need for a bulky document repository - this extension does just that. It's easy to install and simple to use.

However, I found I was having a problem with the article selection so I contacted Jonathan and in less than an hour he identified the problem (a clash with mootools upgrade plugin) and sent me a modified file, which solved the problem.

Now that's what I call support - better than many provide for commercial products.

Well done Jonathan and thanks again.

byspinfx, May 5, 2011
Articles Contact Us Form
Love this plug-in - so simple and easy to use.

Is there a way to integrate captcha or other anti-spam measure?

Cheers, David
byspinfx, January 31, 2011
HOT Login
I like this little extension for it's simplicity. It sits there unobtrusively at the top of the page and doesn't interfere with the template in any way. When you need it, just click and there it is.

The ONLY thing mission is Captcha on the forms. Can this be added easily?

Great work

David ;-)
Owner's reply

Hi David, thanks for your review!
As I say in the description, HotLogin "moves" the login form. It has no form in it, it's just a container! So, if you need a captcha in your login form, just add to your website a plugin which add the captcha to the joomla standard login form (mod_login). Doing that, you will have your captcha in my plugin!

byspinfx, December 4, 2010
JEXTN Membership
In my spare time I develop websites for not-for-profit organisations so I need to be sure that when I choose a component, it will do the job. This component is perfect.
It is quick and easy to set up, has very clear interfaces both front and admin and plugs straight into one of three popular payment gateways (PayPal, Google Checkout or
I had some questions and the response from the developer was quick and informative.
If you're looking for a quick and effective membership payment system, this is it.
byspinfx, October 11, 2010
AutoTweet NG
I have been using AutoTweet NG for some time now and with each release it gets better and better.
The queuing feature is a good improvement as it gives time to fix something if you've published a little too early.

But above all, it's the convenience - publish and tweet automatically.

The only improvement I can think of would be the ability to post to facebook and myspace at the same time.

Thanks for a great product and keep up the great work guys.

byspinfx, June 11, 2009
I used this extension on my site until recently - and it's true that it does what it says, and very well too.

However, there is just one feature that is missing - the ability to assign categories of Glossary Terms, to specific sections/categories.

We have a site that carries both scientific and non-scientific content and, sometimes, terms that refer to specific science processes have the same name as common terms and therefore there can be a degree of confusing and misinformation. Consequently, I have had to unpublish the bot.

The component allows the grouping of terms into categories, but then seems to make no use of this feature. The ability to assign these categories intelligently across a website, would make this component a "must-have".

Would love to see this Martin.

Cheers, David
Owner's reply

Version 2.7 is now available as a release candidate, soon to be a full release. You can write {glossid:3,5} in your content now to tell Glossary's content plugin that you want the article to be marked up with only the glossaries that have ID 3 or 5.