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byspoonbow, February 13, 2012
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Recent convert to Joomla from Drupal, I was dreading the idea of having to find a new e-commerce package to use. So glad I came across Hikashop early on! I initially tried the Starter Edition and was pleased by the number of options and features available in the no-pay version. It is quite possible to run a robust, functional and professional storefront using the non-commercial version of this product. The documentation is a little light and not always as thorough as I might like, so I have relied on the author's support forum quite a bit during initial configuration. Without exception I have been impressed with the level of support and professionalism there. Any time I have posed a question on the forum, even when using the Starter edition (I have since upgraded to Business), my queries have been answered quickly and completely.

HikaShop offers a stunning aray of configuration options and abilities, but still manages to run and look great out of the box with the default settings. All essential core functions (inventory control, shopping cart, payment gateways, shipping integration, social interaction, etc) are present in the Starter Edition. If you require extremely fine-grained control over appearance and added functionality like integration with Google Analytics, robust Affiliate support, and many others, you can upgrade to one of the two, reasonably priced paid editions. After seeing the potential of the product and experiencing great support, I had no problem paying the small asking price for the Business Edition of this product. I know that by choosing HikaShop I'm going to save myself a great deal of time and frustration, and will be able to focus on running my business instead of worrying about my website.

All in all this is a strong package with great support. It appears as though the author is committed to continuing development on the product and seems quite receptive to requests and suggestions. If you're looking for a full-featured e-commerce solution backed by great support, give HikaShop a long look!
byspoonbow, February 8, 2012
I downloaded and installed this extension with the intent of using it as an age verification entry page for an alcohol-related website. SplashR installed without a hitch on Joomla 2.5, and the initial configuration was straight forward and intuitive. I did run into an issue with the outbound links for the splashR page content, and not being able to locate any documentation, I emailed Michael about it. I heard back from him very quickly and he explained in detail exactly how the links needed to be configured in order to work as expected. With that info, I was able to make the extension function as I needed it to. I have since exchanged a few emails with Michael regarding styling and additional functionality, and he has always replied promptly and courteously, taking time to fully answer my questions. It sounds like the extension is under active development, and with a couple of tweaks and some documentation, this will be an Excellent extension! Looking forward to further development, and I am adding Michael to my short list of go-to developers for future extension needs!
Owner's reply

The module is under active development. I have a new version that will be released around April. There are still a few bugs to work out, and a few more features to add based on suggestions from users (like spoonbow here).

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