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byspottedhaggis, October 17, 2012
Directorix Directory Manager
I spent some time looking for a way to enhance the display of contacts. We were looking for a way to display contacts globally that are companies that sell our products, I stumbled accross this component. Visited the site and read what I could find, the information was a little sketchy but it looked to do more or less what we wanted, significant enhancements over the base contact system so I plumped up and purchased it.

Install went without an error or issue (the CB plugin error is because you do not have CB installed in the first place)

Setup a category, then unfortunately found it did not support sub categories, something I made the mistake of assuming, still I figure I can work around that, setup a contact, map worked great in the admin side, found my location and pin pointed it on the map, thought this looks like it could work very well.

Setup a menu link to the front side, and was a little dissapointed to find nearly none of the pertinent information was displaying, and there was no map, and seems no way to get it to display.

I am confident with a little time I will figure out what is what, but to be perfectly honest, I do rather recent the fact that I have paid for something and there is absolutely no documentation or help within the system at all. I understand they want to charge for their support, but many many companies charge for support, but the package you purchase comes with at the very least a quick start guide, this did not, and that was a dissapointment.

The only way to get support is to use their contact form, and one has to assume since the bulk of their business is in support that this will fall on deaf ears for some time to come.

I would say, hopefully I will get this working, no I dont think it was a complete waste of money, but a little initial help would have been nice without the need to spend a fortune on support for somethign that could very easily be a simple configuration issue, and a quick start guide may well have solved that, which would in turn mean more people (I am sure I am not the only person in this situation) would then purchase the product.

Good looking product, shame about the serious lack of information with the purchase
Owner's reply


SubCategories will come in the next version :).
If your Directorix map doesn't display, maybe you have a css conflict or js conflict on your website. Please contact our team and they will found the solution for your problem.
If you contact us by our contact form, you will receive an email quickly. Sometimes, we can't reply in the minute, but you will receive a response within 24 hours about ; this is our guarantee of quality.
Directorix is very easy to use and no documentation is necessary :). You only have to normally install the component and create menu links. If you have problem, probably it's you have a server problem or conflict. In this case, you must contact us by the contact form and we will see if you must have technical support or if we can help you for free by giving you the solution as soon as possible :).

Best regards,

The Informafix Team

byspottedhaggis, October 13, 2010
I have installed loads of different methods for managing users and group access to parts of the site, so far I have maybe spent $300 or more on them, and yes they work, they just never work either simply or well

I came accross this, demo looks a little basic but promising, so after much thinking I purchased it.

Was pleased with the initial results, it had every feature I needed badly

Unfortunately I have since found I can not display specific modules that are defined in Joomla to be only visible when specific users login whilst inside the Extranet, and sadly this renders the system useless for my needs.

Support were fast however were not able to offer the option of displaying modules around the main component, which is a real shame since I had always assumed a component would simply allow thi

Their suggestion was good but way more complex than I had hoped and did not allow the fluidity I wanted on the site.

Sorry, good extension but it requires modification to allow module displays, otherwise it simply does not fit my design, and I am sure others will have similar issues.

Sadly yet more wasted money.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review but some things aren't true. Our component allows diplaying modules around the main component, it just not allows making them private (to be visible only to J!Extranet users) how you wanted.

This was possible like I explained if you will embed the module inside the component but this didn't fit your demands.

So it's not any problem with our component, it's just the problem that you wanted something different.

byspottedhaggis, November 8, 2009
I have been trying to get this working for over a year now with Joomla, but I still get the same error in admin as others have seen.

Supposed to be fixed in this new version but its the same, I have to admit defeat and I am somewhat annoyed by this as it used to be (back to 1.12) very good but this one still no good.

Sorry all