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I'm using JCE which came out in November 2010. It has a lot of nice options that will help smooth out the Joomla experience, such as table editing, font style select, etc. and at first I was extremely pleased. I was able to embed facebook "like" buttons into articles, custom forms into modules, awesome. Until it started stripping out those codes when I went back in to edit an article. No worries, I went to their forum to look for answers. Except I can't view any entries without paying $30 for a 1 year subscription. So I tried to contact them to report the bug... only that requires that I pay the subscription fee as well. I understand this is how they make money, but you can't even submit a bug without paying for the privilege?? I've got to rate that as a big negative, and it pulls my review from an excellent down to simply "good".
Owner's reply

1) Read the FAQ, Joomla! may be removing the code on saving -

2) You can post questions in the General Discussion forum without a subsciption -