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byspritje, February 23, 2011
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Very good and very simple. It really can't be easier. It does what it does and it does it very well. Thanks for this simple little gem! I do believe some novice experience with CSS if you want to customize the output. Luckily this is possible directly in the plugin parameters. Very nice. I recommend this because it is so clean and simple.
byspritje, May 28, 2010
I do like the features but there are con's that outweight the great featurelist.

There is absolutely no support. Not that I've seen anyway. Slideshow is not cached which drains server resources.

If there was decent support I'd recomment this to anyone but as with many open source, non commercial software the lack of support is my main reason to abandon this gallery.

Also the rate of development is very slow to non-existent.

Take this as it is, or (like me) leave it....