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bysputnikweb, November 8, 2010
Accordion FAQ
No complaints about the quality of the plugin and the support is excellent. I had a small issue that I couldn't fathom out but Ken came to my aid immediately - it ended up being nothing to do with his plugin - just to do with a minor setup configuration with another plugin entirely, yet he sorted it for me.

Good work, Ken - keep it up :)
bysputnikweb, January 21, 2010
Simple Picture Slideshow
Couldn't have been easier to get working. Installed and running within 1 minute.

I would give it 5 stars if it actively resized and cached the images instead of using the originals, so you don't have to resize the images manually. Users all too often upload images that are far too big so this is a small sticking point. Other than that the markup is tidy and CSS-free so it gives you the freedom to style it as much or as little as you need without conflict or hacking the code.

Good job... keep up the good work. Perhaps the next version will have the resize/cache function? ;-)
bysputnikweb, November 30, 2009
I've been a Virtuemart user for a couple of years using it in anger on several websites very successfully. Even having read the reviews below I decided to try VM again on a new project we're working on... call it product loyality, if you will.

I have just downloaded and attempted to install in a dev environment. My first attempt at installing seemed to go just fine but VM simply didn't appear in the Components menu. I had little choice but to overwrite my files with a fresh copy and delete the appropriate chunks of the database before trying again. This time I get instructed to install the extensions manually. So I try a fresh install and still get the latter error. This does not bode well so, based on this experience and the comments below, I am giving up!

Whilst I appreciate that this is Open Source, and I have enormous respect for anyone and everyone choosing to contribute to the well-being of the project, when you are at the helm of such an important (one may even say "industry standard") extension such as this one you really do have an obligation to release versions that work properly. Part of me wants to install a version I've got in archive from last year sometime but that would be a bad retrograde step!

Never mind... I'm off to find another extension that'll do the job I need! Thanks VM - it's been good :-) Perhaps we'll catch up again soon once you've worked through your issues!
bysputnikweb, November 25, 2008
mavik Thumbnails
I ran into minor difficulties whilst implementing this plugin - some of the images were being resized, others weren't, so I dropped a quick e-mail to the author and got a response within minutes and he had solved the issue in no time! Luckily this issue helped him spot a little bug with relative URLs and this should be implemented in the next release.