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bysquaredeal, October 22, 2009
There used to be documentation and video tutorial at the developer's site. They have been removed and the user is told (in the forum) that 'Documentation, video tutorials and setup help follows the Googlemap PRO component'. Without proper documentation, this extension is a pain for the average user if they want to use the plugin.

When so many other commercial extensions have been removed from Joomla extensions directory, this one has no place here after becoming commercial.
Owner's reply

I am sorry you do not like the new Light version.

At some point the documentation will be available again. I just need to adjust it to the new version.

Regarding free setup help. That can not be expected of anyone. I did this at the start, however I am forced to cut down on it. I do have a day job besides this.

The vulnerability you are talking about in my language file. That makes no sense. The file is exactly as the rest of the language files located under the language folder.

At the end of the day I am sorry that you feel this way though, but a free version is available for anyone to download.

Best regards.