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bysquatterjoe, December 7, 2010
Having used other extensions from the developer I thought I was on the right track while looking for a blog extension.
The install was easy enough and there is documentation supplied to help with customising the interface etc.
When using it I had an issue, regardless of the editor (or no editor) I used, where the HTML tags were being stripped from the input and all I get is a block of text. Repeated attempts of support ended with them stating that there was no way the extension would strip the tags. So the issue was not resolved and I've wasted my money on an extension that is useless to me... you decide.
Owner's reply

Please note that RSBlog! uses the default Joomla! editor, so if your HTML code is being stripped, that's because you're using a Joomla! editor that does that...

bysquatterjoe, August 24, 2009
Easy Paypal
The support for this feature was the best part. This isn't to say the product is anything but top notch, it means that the support is above and beyond the standard fare.

The product itself was simple to implement and does what it says it does very nicely. The cost is nothing compared to the functionality this gives you.

Thanks Bing, It is a pleasure.