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bysregisters, April 25, 2011
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I've been working with this extension, both the free and the pro version, for about a year and a half now, on several sites.
I doubt there's any commercial extensions that have the functionality this one does. And seeing how far it has come in such a short time, gives me confidence that the future is bright.

This extension is the only true stats component out there, in the the world of Joomla and perhaps closer to anyone outside Joomla. I simply love the thrill of its realtime reporting of visitors. One look and you can read the pattern of your site navigation by visitors which helps to enhance the site flow.

Just imagine, how much would you have to pay to have such an excellent component with akl the features it can offer?

How about ability to toggle block any malacious user's IP address or even annoying bots?

Or inbuilt ability to see Geo-location information of visitors?

Or the best support forum in the business?

Well, ok, so you have to subscribe to get "Prioritized support answers" with some extra features, get upgrades to the "pro" version. With that TOP notch support by developer, comes an ethical dealing experience i.e. if you are not happy with product for whatsoever reason, you get your full refund. How many of Joomla Extension providers really follow this priniciple, majority does not including "PaymentsPlus for Mosets" which I had terrible exrience with their support and its fancy but not userful in real world component, some aussie kid who really has very basic programming skills and limited logic, very dogmatic though.
On the other hand, Matej, the developer is a Gem, he goes out of his way if needed to resolve any issue possible. He is awesome! I would recommend anyone to work with him for any Joomla Project which he is willing to take charge. Very reliable and trustworthy!
Well, all the pro version has that he doesn't give away for free is the Last Visit Map, Interactive HTML5 Traffic Flow, Inversed Goals, Submitted GET/POST vars, 1/7/30-day DB Status, Component & Module sizes, Frontend logo removal, Frontend backlink removal, Prioritized support answers, Link from donation pagemonetizing compontent. The guy's gotta eat... he can't give it all away.

I was happy as a free user being able to access the forum at all, along with the documentation. I bought a subscription last year, and now am re-upping.

But you don't have to pay a dime to have a great, fully-functional stats component, using this software with features Live Stats, Graphs & Trends, Goals, Visits History, Anti-Spam, Nightly Email Reports.

I really can't say enough good about this extension. The support is excellent, the development is brisk, and I can't see using anything else for a Professional Stats component.
Owner's reply

Wow, thank you very much for such awesome positive feedback. There's more to come. I plan the new "flavor" - the keyword analysis feature so users can optimize his pages to increase traffic from search engines, bundled with android client which will allow you to access the joomlawatch component from your mobile phone

bysregisters, May 28, 2010
OSE Membership™
Looking at the limited availability for membership or any other extension customization in community, I was bit hopeless with my membership task which needed a very specific customization. Its very unpractical for someone like me that you buy a component and then forced to get it customized with some other developers who have not much idea about its framework and functions resulting in an unsatisfying experience.

Helix and his colleagues did an excellent job and I am very happy to work with them again. Bottom line is as long as you know what you want, Helix and his team will get it done.
I recommend them to anyone for small to large projects.

A satisfied customer :-)