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bysrini28, November 25, 2009
Finally FY NA LLY a component that's at least got 40% of what high-end Enterprise leval forms products have. I work with forms in my day job from companies like Liquid office, Opentext, K2 Etc. and I am used to really sophisticated forms ability. But those software cost several tens of thousands of dollars. BreezingForms does a large portion of that for $25! Unbelievable!

1. The multiple modes is awesome. Got me started very fast.

2. The default theme that came packaged with the product was good enough for my starter forms with no tweaks.

3. Only forms component for Joomla that I know of that provides easy Paypal integration without any additional coding, including returning payment status values from paypal and keeping all payment info together in one location on the Joomla backend. Also allows quantity discount.

4. THE BEST SUPPORT ever. Markus replies within a few minutes most of the times. And they are usually the answers right there or at least very short legit questions to move the conversation in the right direction.

5. License allows use on multiple domains. That is truly a crazy bargain.

6. Videos explaining product are helpful.

More improvement needed on:
1. More Payment integration without additional coding. This like changing price based on calculations from the form field cannot be done without coding.

2. The Quick mode allows graphic design but not as good or as designer friendly as SFG (Smart Former Gold) in my opinion.

3. It really helps to know at least some simple PHP if you are getting into complex forms. I would like to see more features off the shelf.

4. More videos explaining more typical form designs.

Overall, a great component. I wish I knew more PHP - this would be a KILLER with that knowledge.

HIGHLY recommended.

bysrini28, February 12, 2007
Akeeba Backup
No problems installing or backing up the site! Great job and THANKS.

Some quick feature requests:
1. If there are multiple sites installed on the database, it would be nice to be able to select the tables that we would like to backup. Same with the files/folders.