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byssnobben, October 16, 2014
Project Log
Thanks for giving Joomla community this nice project planning tool! It works like a charm and hope you continue to improve it and more people start using it! All the best!
byssnobben, May 23, 2011
Google Site Verification
Works right away...thanks for this one!
byssnobben, March 8, 2011
Working just perfect and a great simple solution!

Thanks !
Core Design Scriptegrator
I just wish that this guy could make all those nice Jquery plugins,modules like CD login etc using Mootools instead and I will give you a 5 star.

As now there is too much conflicts with other javascript liberaries when your site grows and you also want to tune it with cache tools.

If you use it I also suggest you also to test your web site performance before ie with Yslow Firefox addon and after you have installed some of these scripts and you will see the results that is not so nice with highslide, jqueries installed conflicting scrip.
Form2Content LITE
I am not a professional user of form to content but I have tried it and check the demo and its info.

Its good to have some restrictions for users and content they can produce for a site and this component fills that gap perfectly.

Another review said that he didnt know how "all the articles can have the same format template" with some other Joomla solutions but there are.

But its really great that this type of solutions for ease of use got their attention!

Great work !
byssnobben, September 18, 2010
Can just agree! Very elegant and great Joomla addon!

Try it.
byssnobben, September 14, 2010
Account Expiration Control
Are you looking for a membership system with a lot of control and want flexibility too? And an open source GPL developer Skore (David D) that stands with his words and what he says? Then you should try this solution first before ever testing something else to compare it with. I have been an active member of AEC ( for a long period and know how much effort and time the core developer have putting into this great software. Long time ago (that's a long time ago) it had some issues but today you can use anything better if you are serious about setting up a membership site with a lot of options. To really explain what it can do I recommend as other have done to be member of the site look at videos/FAQ and also support this developer with some support money if you need it. Its more value than you understand from the beginning so just try it to convince your self. Thanks David and looking forward to future AEC upgrades for new J 1.6 with integrated ACL,...etc!

byssnobben, September 5, 2010
I have tried this comment system in the past and now and it works great when its right configured and up and running but this could have been a very successful comment system if not "This extension by default includes hidden links/advertising. Hidden links/advertising can affect the Search Engine ranking."

A better solution would have been to set up Google ads on his own web site page for this extension instead.
Owner's reply

yvComment does have a link to its own Homepage, and its not hidden - exactly the same as Joomla! package has a link to its own Homepage in default template...

Thanks for taking this mobile world to Joomla! This I belive will be the no 1 solution I guess and hope!

Hope you will support future Joomla versions 1.6 + too!

Great work so far!
byssnobben, July 25, 2010
Just be aware how you set up this little addon and you will gain some extra bandwidth savings for your site.

Hope to see a J 1.6 versio in future too!

Thanks for doing this for the whole Joomla community!
Owner's reply

GoogleAjaxLib for J1.6 is coming

byssnobben, July 15, 2010
RegReminder Lite
Great to have this type of tasks automated!

There is two versions free "Lite" and commercial "Standard".

So features like advertised here "Do you have users who have activated their account but never logged in?" and that you want to delete etc only work with standard version that is commercial.

There is many more functions you could add to this extension so hopefully there will be more improvements in future.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback. I have altered the description of this component listing to hopefully make it clearer as to what is in the Lite Version (FREE) and the Standard Version (Commercial) ... apologies for any confusion.

Additionally, if you have any suggestions of functions to add to this component then please email me.

One new feature currently being worked on is the ability to send reminder emails to users who have not logged in for a period of (in an attempt to encourage them back to your website)

byssnobben, July 13, 2010
GMapFP : Google Map
Great component recommended!
Great adsense set up. One thing is that if you could exlude to show ads for Joomla components like Mosets Tree com_mtree I would be great bcs now its shows up ads where you dont want them to be..
byssnobben, November 16, 2009
KA Facebook Like Box
Great extension! Lookin forward for integration with Jfacebook connector
byssnobben, October 23, 2009
WEBO Site SpeedUp
There is many Joomla performance optimization cache scripts to compare and use in combination like examples free GPL CssJsCompress,Query Cache,RokGZipper,Maecia CSS/JS Cache extensions etc.

This product Web Optimizer says it enhance the speed but this free version not give you all features saying "by applying a l l client side performance rules". This is only true if you buy the pro version as I understand it. Som if you compare to others It would be good if you could compare these different products and convince people why use your Pro version instead.
byssnobben, October 21, 2009
If you looking for a translator that uses Google translator this latest version 1.5.x.16 is the best and most flexible translator. Its easy to install and set up and within 5 minutes you can use both the power of Google translator and Joomla. The pro version also give you SEFs and Google index so what are you waiting for? The latest version fix problems with Mootools and Jquery conflicts and it should work for 99% with all templates and extensions. So thanks for your work for the whole Joomla community on this one Mr Edvard!
byssnobben, December 18, 2008
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This is one of Joomla star extension! Just try it and you will be surprised about nice Udde is!

Excellent work.
byssnobben, October 3, 2008
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This is an very recommended user integrator for different other open source applications.

Marius, the key dev, is solving long standing problems like a hero and is a master mind integrator!

Try this integrator to any kind of supported apps and you will be impressed. Now even solved seamless visual integration with phpbb 3.0.+ with latest version!

More than well done Marius! Hope more people will donate for you for this very good J project.
byssnobben, September 19, 2008
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Pro Sticky Message
Razvan - you are the king of creating nice pop ups!

If you have not tried this powerful tool for creating attention to your site do it asap!

Best of luck that I find this and the devotion from the developer!
byssnobben, May 1, 2008
Akeeba Backup
Today this is the primary backup solution for all Joomla versions and site owners I believe.

The latest version is something all Joomla site owner need at their hand and this backup now works like a charm!

Easy to understand, set up and use!

One of Joomla "must have".

Thank you thank you Joomlapack team that bring this for us this outstanding component for the whole Joomla community!

5 stars.