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bystampgo7, August 11, 2013
Max Failed Login Attempts
After installing this plugin, I was locked out when I tested it.Suppose to lock me out for 10 minutes but since last week I can not log in again. The worst thing is that I sent an e-mail to the creator and never get a reply.I still can not log in.
Whatever saying the others, since I got this experience, I suggest DO NOT install this plugin.
Owner's reply

I am sorry, I did not see your inquiry until now when I searched my email for it (it landed in my spam mail). I will also reply to your email inquiry.

The time limit doesn't lock you out for "X" amount of time, tather it is: "How many failed attempts in X amount of minutes will block the account"

In your situation, you will need to use a different login to unblock the user, or if you don't have another login, you will need to change the value to 0 for the field "block" directly in the users table in your database.

Also, I have updated the description of this plugin, as it is NOT MAINTAINED and I will not be updating it.

bystampgo7, September 14, 2012
Like most of the others here, I agree that is a very good extension, but only if you are lucky by guessing most of the parameters because there is no Documentation. Moreover after visiting the Forum there are more than 1000 matches unanswered, 16 unsolved and only 2 solved topics.