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bystanman1, July 12, 2011
This plugin is AWESOME! I have been building websites using Joomla for as long as the CMS forked off of Mambo, so I'm no newbie when it comes to the subject.

I needed a good tab extension to better organize the content on one of my client's web pages and this program fit the bill quite nicely. An added bonus was the ability to nest tabs within the master tabs.

I haven't paid for a subscription; I'm just trying out a couple of their extensions to see how I like them at this point. So far I am very impressed with the quality of their extensions AND their support.

I ran into a snag with using the nested tabs feature so I posted to the forum... I had an answer within a day or two, and the developer even went above and beyond to add some extra tips I wasn't even expecting!

My biggest frustration with developers of Joomla extensions is non-existent or VERY poor support, even when I've paid for a subscription to GET support. These guys don't charge for support of their free extensions and the program works great!

I'm looking forward to experimenting with their other extensions after this initial experience.