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bystantaylor, October 14, 2014
I'm not sure what the likelihood is of someone actually succeeding in logging in to a site, but the idea scared me when I saw the number of attempts to access my site's Apache server. After The first day after installing BFStop, I got so many notices of failed attempts that I set it to send me only 1 message a day and to block the IP permanently after 5 failed attempts. Pretty much all attempts are to the usernames 'admin', 'administrator', or a variation of the url, so I suggest eliminating those even if you don't install BFStop. This extension is easy to understand and implement, and worked without a glitch for me.
bystantaylor, September 5, 2014
Reset Hits
Perfect - Install, set position, publish. Check items to reset, click the button and... 0! I've never been so happy to have nothing.
bystantaylor, August 4, 2014
This extension is powerful -- does lots of stuff. I have used the showcase, tabs, and mosaic, and really like them all. There is a bit of a learning curve, but worth it. I prefer to purchase a template from them and install with Rocketlauncher so Roksprocket matches the template without doing a lot of stuff that I'm not experienced enough to do. Another thing I really like is when something needs tweaking, I've always gotten a reply on their forum within 24 hours.
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Thank you for your review.

We're glad you enjoy it! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about RokSprocket in our community forum.

Kind regards,

RocketTheme LLC

bystantaylor, July 20, 2014
My title says it all. If you need a calendar, you should use this. Plenty of features. Good support. It works.
bystantaylor, June 10, 2014
SP Transfer
This product does what it says it will do. What more can you expect? Well, on top of that is top-rate, personal support. I had problems getting it to work that were my fault. Support gave me all the help I needed. I'm VERY impressed!
bystantaylor, September 21, 2012
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This extension did exactly what it says it does. I am upgrading from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 and changing web hosts. I also wanted to install a template product that uses a fresh Joomla install. So, J2XMA was the option for me. I have about 50 users and 275 articles that I didn't want to copy manually. J2XMA allowed me to export/import, including the photos in my articles.

I just had 2 glitches which have nothing to do with J2XMA. First, I had one article that was just a bunch of pictures, several megs total, and it messed up the process until I excluded that article. (I copied this one article manually.) Second was that a number of Joomla 1.5 articles had the same Alias. It took me a while to figure out why those articles weren't imported. When I finally noticed what was happening, I just made all of the Aliases different and it worked. It was still an easier option than copying each article.

I highly recommend this product.
bystantaylor, August 26, 2012
Simple Picture Slideshow
Install, enable, change settings to suit, set the folder path, then insert the code into the article and you have it! Simple. Just what I needed.
bystantaylor, August 7, 2012
Install, activate, and enter a little information and you're to go. Database backups sent to your inbox. Makes me happy, happy, happy!
bystantaylor, July 20, 2012
ARI Image Slider
I wanted a slideshow for a school site that I could just upload images into a folder and all of them display. Ease of use was my main criteria, and this met that. This module has nice-looking shading around the box. I had no reason to test all the features, but there are a number of settings that could make it useful for other purposes. I didn't particularly like the transitions other than fade, and the choices are either random or just one transition, no other combinations. I've been using Joomla for years, and would gladly recommend this module. My thanks go to the developers!
bystantaylor, June 17, 2012
Edocs - Embed Documents
This plugin uses Google Docs to drive it. At first, it would not work - just a blank spot in my web page where the pdf should have displayed. I tried several things to fix it. Documentation wasn't very good. Using debug, the path was correct. Finally, I logged into my Google account and went to I had it to generate code to insert an iframe. I left the edocs code in my page and added the iframe from Google, and voila, both appeared on the page. I removed the iframe and edocs kept working. I even tested it with ppt and doc files, all on one page, and all worked.

My reservation is that as quickly as it started working, it might stop. It seems to be an issue with the communication with Google. Also, if Google should change something, I could be left scrambling to get it fixed. I love the concept of being able to use one plugin to display multiple types of documents, but will probably look for something else.
bystantaylor, July 30, 2011
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
I had no problems at all, and the changes I wanted to make were not hard to find using the author's web site and Firebug. Lot's of really good features. The description calls it "entry level", but it seems much more than that to me.

I wanted to replace the Joomla Web Links component because URL's of links are not visible to search engines or other link exchange submissions. JV-LE solves that problem.

The only thing I wish it did is to allow manual ordering of categories and links. The author's site provides an edit to allow alphabetical ordering instead of the default.

Thanks for a great free component!
bystantaylor, July 14, 2011
SJ Content Slideshow II
The module worked just like the demo indicated. Easy install, up and running in no time. I looked at the documentation to see what some of the terminology meant, but everything is really easy and straightforward.

I use it on the home page of a site to draw attention to articles. The content column looked a bit crowded, so I edited the style.css file to change the font size and alignment, and set the line height. At less than $10US, it's a good value.

I've been using Joomla for years now, have built several sites from scratch, and actively manage three.
bystantaylor, September 1, 2010
I set it to share pages on Facebook and Twitter. FB works as expected. I don't use Twitter, but it appeared to work. VERY easy.

While there is no charge, it isn't free. You will end up with a link in your footer.
bystantaylor, June 14, 2010
jBackup System
I installed it, set the backup frequency, entered my email address, and this morning the compressed files was in my email box. I guess I could ask for more, but I don't know what it would be.
bystantaylor, May 22, 2009
If you want to be able to create forms that look just the way you want them, this is the extension for you. You don't have to settle for a layout designed by somebody else. I had no problem at all with installation. The developer also sent me an update email a couple of weeks after the purchase with a link directly the download.

The purchase price of $7 makes it a great value. For me, the big price was in the time it took me to get my form up and running. It was a large form - 19 text fields, 5 select drop-downs, 7 static fields, and a submit button. It took all day. The result looks great, but I would settle for something that looks canned if it were less time consuming but functional. Someone with more experience than me might not feel that way.

Be sure to watch the videos. I would never have gotten it to work without that. I searched the forum for the solution to one problem and never found it, but finally figured out what I had done wrong. Since then, it has worked perfectly.