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bystblink, February 21, 2013
First review for me here on JED, and for a very good reason.

I was delivered the job to build a bussiness listing website with a little complicated forms. Having few knowledges of php i first looked for extensions like SOBIPRO, JSEBLOD and FABRIK.

SOBIPRO is/was slow and nowhere near the capabilities of Cobalt.. Fabrik not so easy for me and JSEBLOD looked like it was the way to go.. but then i found Cobalt. So here it goes:

Excelent Support - one the best i've seen, Sergey is very active on the forum, and some subscribers members are helpfull too. Usually the answer comes within 12 hours and always very helpfull.
At start i wanted to ask some questions and they answered to all of them on the forum, without having bought any subscription. Cobalt is free but if you want to take it to a new level... you won't regret buying a subscription.

Features - Every thursday they release updates and new fields if available, and anyone found any bug? no problem.. fixed in the same day. They always listen to the clients requests and think about ways to implement it.

Fast - One of their priorities.. if a feature turns Cobalt slow.. they don't implement it unless they can make it even faster. And believe me they well not rest until it's done.

Solutions for everyone - The fields cover most if not ALL scenarios. Relation fields, e-commerce fields, contact forms, comments, video, galleries, modules for everything, one of the most powerfull geomap fields i've seen, plugin, integration with Falang as well as many other extensions.

Never stop - They are always inovatting, they are never satisfied with what they deliver to their clients which for me is something that always will be reminding me that if i want to build a website.. i always think about using Cobalt first.