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bystefangranholm, May 25, 2008
No more docman stuff, this is simply great, and of GREAT and EASY use of administrator AND guests....

What a great component.
bystefangranholm, August 9, 2007
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Community Builder
This is a great component.
You also have to use a little brain, and READ the txt file before installing and upgrading.

Also, you have to read and learn about CB. This is not just a simple "click and run". If you want to use the power of CB, you have to learn about it.
Its not hard, but takes a little time, and its great.

They are quick. After the 1.13 update, they came with a quick fix, due to joomlas new "options".

Thumbs up
bystefangranholm, October 16, 2006
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With the 1.11.9 update, it works on my joomla now. The last didnt.

SO, no more installation errors if you had that in the prev. version.

Great work.