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bystefysal, October 27, 2011
Basically it's a good extension and let you save a lot of time...if you need very simlpe forms. It claims to be "wysiwyg" editor, bu actually it only let you simply place one input field after another in sequence: you need to put lots of custom code to get the appearance you want to. Moreover I could not find good help neither into documentation, nor into forums: I hat to work out lots of solutions by myself. Some bugs are: file uploads, a databease specific "update" functionality. Anyway after a loooooong time spent to put custom PHP/HTML code, it is working efficiently.
bystefysal, September 20, 2011
Deluxe News Basic
It is a SIMPLE module do display the latest news, (I needed only ONE, but you can choose 2 or more...)) with intro text, image, link etc. It also allows you to put personalized HTML with background color, image etc. It's simple and powerfull. Many thanks to the authors
bystefysal, October 1, 2010
Community Builder
I've been playing around with CB for one year, and I can say it's very powerfull for building on-line comunities. The only bad thing is that it's a bit complicated if you are novice, but with a lot of patience you can build up a very big comunity, and customize every aspect of it.
Thanks a lot for the massive job to all the developers!