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bystephfox, August 30, 2007
Generally in life you can get something good, something fast, something cheap... Choose any two out of those three.
I needed to put together a number of registration forms for an event very quickly, with almost no budget, and it all needed to work immediately.
So I downloaded the free trial version of ChronoForms, built my forms in Dreamweaver, copied and pasted the code into the component and spent a couple of hours tweaking the site.
I'm amazed at how easy it was to implement, how simple the process is to understand (I'm a designer, not a coder), and how succesful it's been for me.
I pitched the registration forms to my client, in competition with a major event management company, and because this solution allowed me to design the entire look & feel to match their existing site, we got the job.
So I've paid the license fee happily.

I can't recommend it highly enough.

Only shortcomings are the lack of a data export interface for the component to allow saving the data out as CSV or XML or similar, but I can do that directly from the database, so no big issue for me.

If you prefer to design a form your own way, rather than have to conform to somebody elses idea of how a form should appear, then this is your answer. Genius.